Cantaloupe Cream Popsicles #cowsmilkfree

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Dalton and I are so honored to have been asked to participate in Kabrita's new cookbook for moms coming out this summer! So we tested a new popsicle recipe to contribute, make sure you watch for this cookbook full of healthy recipes using Kabrita's Goat Milk Formula Powder! I'll keep you posted for sure!


Also, this recipe works really really well as a smoothie too! Super creamy!


Cantaloupe Cream Pops! (#cowmilkfree) :)




1 cup cantaloupe, chopped

2 bananas

1 cup mangos, chopped

Juice of 1/2 orange fresh squeezed

3 TBSP Kabrita Goat’s Milk Formula Powder

3” piece of aloe vera gel from the plant leaf

1/2 = 3/4 cup water





1. Wash your aloe leaf, cut off a segment at the thicker bottom portion, then slice edges off and use your knife to cut off the sides, or scoop out with a spoon.

2. Add cantaloupe, bananas, mangoes, orange juice, Kabrita powder and water (and ice if you like) to a high speed blender and mix.

3. Pour into popsicle molds and put in the freezer for 3 or more hours OR just serve as a smoothie (also delicious!)

Makes 6-7 popsicles



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If you haven’t used aloe in a recipe you’ll love it after this! Aloe is super soothing to the digestive system and works really well to make smoothies, popsicles or dressings fuller and more frothy. Look for the big leaves in your produce section and be careful because the edges are sharp! Store the rest in your refrigerator for up to a week.


I buy frozen mangos because they are so much easier to use and you don’t have to cut them up yourself!


I love this recipe because during the warm weather months it’s easier to get something cold like a smoothie or a popsicle into the kiddos and Dalton doesn’t have to miss out on quality protein from the Kabrita goat’s milk formula just because it’s too hot or he’s too busy to have a bottle! This recipe is all around gut healthy with Kabrita’s easy to digest proteins and GOS fiber along with the fiber from the fruits and the soothing aloe. Plus they taste super creamy without any cream at all!


Dalton loves it!


I found these BPA free bug popsicle holders at Whole Foods!

Let me know if you make them!