You can do an IVF transfer WITHOUT drugs...did you know?

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Did you know you can even do an IVF transfer without drugs?

You can.

That's how we got Dalton.

Well this along with all the mindset, the belief and the health of my sister's (my gestational carrier) body.

It all adds up.

But when we (and by WE I mean my sister, her husband and Heath and I) decided to move forward with this situation, this situation of my sister carrying one of our embryos for US, we had parameters.

Particularly I HAD SOME RULES. That were for ME, for DALTON and of course of course for HER.

If I was to have someone other than me carry my baby, there would be no drugs going in her body either. None.

After all, what had I learned other than all those drugs tipped my body over the edge into "i hate you and I WILL NOT do what you want or say any longer until you wake up and get a clue"

So we made this agreement. No drugs.

No harm to her, why in the hell would SHE need that anyway?

Her body was regulated. She had regular cycles. Why would that need to be MANIPULATED?

It would not.

So there was none of that. No estrogen, no thyroid pills, no shots of any kind other than the trigger shot the day before the transfer which was just HcG anyways, a natural hormone so we knew that we would show up on the correct day to well....insert that little human 😍

Here's what I want you know though.

When we told the drs our plans, they said, well, you can't do that because we don't have stats on it. It's "RISKY"

But what this really means is it could ruin our stats.

They want high success rates and since Heath and I were that couple who they kind of couldn't figure out what to do with they wanted it to work, as did we of course too.

But they didn't want us to "miss out" on a potential positive result instead of another negative one.

But we insisted. Because Kelly and I already knew like KNEW that it CERTAINLY was going to work.

And we had to stand by our beliefs.

You can't have this evolution into finding out how the body ACTUALLY WORKS and then go back into this or ANY situation and be like, oh never mind in this ONE case I'll default into what I don't believe. NO don't do that.

So they said ok.

Do you see this?

You can and MUST QUESTION every single thing that does not
1. Make sense to you
2. Agree with your beliefs
3. FEEL right

You are the highest authority for your own body no matter what.

No matter how many years someone went to school. Or if they are wearing a white coat.


And if you don't feel like you know best right now, then your job is to learn how.

So we did the transfer our own way. No drugs. Just normal hormones a happening.

And that day, we went to the hospital. We popped that little embryo in and by the way, this embryo that had been frozen for FOUR YEARS, look completely different than ANY of the ones they transferred to me.

It looked like it was already hatching. like hey mom I'm ready :)

It makes me laugh to think about that being Dalton just going in for a ride with my sister. Who took VERY VERY VERY good care of him. ❤️

So I knew and she knew that it would work. And Dalton knew.

And then 10 days later, a few more of us knew.

Stand for what you know. Learn what you need to know. Challenge any system that doesn't work for you. Or feel right.

You can have it your way.
There are endless possible ways. 
Even right now in this very moment.

Baby Body Ready is here. Finally ;)

This course is all I know for sure (and let me tell you I know i lot) about how to get your body ready for pregnancy.

It's not hard. I will tell you the truths behind fertility issues. 
And then what is triggering them in you, and how to heal them/transform them/change them.

All you have to do is know that this works. 
It's not a mystery. 
I laugh today at how simple it really was when I spent years in emotional turbulence.

Message me with any questions.