Cheesecake Factory Goals 🙌🙌

One of my clients told me his goal was to be able to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and order ANYTHING he wanted.

Maybe not the typical goal of working with a ‘health coach’ right?

But maybe it is……

You see, sometimes food really HAS to be medicine. When your body is struggling, when your digestion is SO SO sensitive that you are very CAREFUL and mindful about what you eat, and what you don’t, it’s then that just being able to eat without consequences or pain is EVERYTHING.


Would you call it medicine?

I get that no one wants to be stuck on a diet, and I’m happy to tell you that I have never felt more free with food. I literally ate cauliflower pretzels and hot reishi cacao with almond milk for dinner, and a big apple.

Maybe for you, you aren’t eating as real as you want to, or know you need to, so I want to tell you Don’t take it for granted. The fact that your beautiful strong body is handling however you eat, all of our bodies are handling it. Day in and out.

Not everyone CAN eat whatever they want because of literal stomach cramps, pains, migraines, eczema, IBS, or a hundred other different reasons.

What is my point?


And by the way, NO ONE is to blame for ‘eating wrong’ or ‘doing something wrong’ or deserving a disease. It makes NO sense why people have different side effects, let’s just say it’s multi-faceted but we all have the potential for disease because we WEREN’T taught how to eat.

It’s crazy really.

Here we are with bodies that need nutrients to run and we have no manual. Until we figure it out usually for ourselves.

It’s so time to get ahead of disease and health problems because WE CAN. Because the manual is here now.

I want you to be able to go to the Cheesecake Factory and eat with full confidence that you have a strong, healthy body and that you can do stuff like that when if feels right. This means you literally have a resilient body that can handle stuff. We don’t need to treat it with such fragility all the time.

We don’t need to be perfectionists, and you also don’t have to splurge at a restaurant if that isn’t right for YOU, but what you do need to know that just as much as lack of them makes disease EASIER to exist in a body, CONSISTENT healthy food intake IS also what kicks it in the butt and helps prevent it in the first place.

If your body is nowhere near capable of going out to a mainstream restaurant and ordering whatever you want OR maybe you could handle it but you just don’t feel good in your body so your daily ritual is completely CLEAN EATING and it feels like a life sentence and food just isn’t fun anymore then listen up sugar pie:

I can help you.

If you’re clueless with or about food and your body feels like it has turned on you.


If you have made strides with food and your body feels like it has turned on you.

Your body has NOT turned on you. It never will do that.

You need some food love and support.

You need to work on your digestion.

No one is supposed to be bloated all the time, get stomach aches and cramps, have “IBS” and all the things that that means without a plan of relief.

No one is supposed to be so tired and worn out you need naps in the afternoon (DISCLAIMER!!! Unless you WANT to take naps because it totally resets your vibration and you’re manifesting it’s part of your plan! or you just like naps) But let’s say for the point of my words here you really love what you do and your life and you don’t have time to nap - that’s what I’m talking about :)

You need to be able to have full access to your body and all of it’s power and capabilities so that you can thrive in life, not suffer, not struggle, not be OK, not survive.

There is so much life to live.

There are so many good foods to eat.

It’s time to figure out your food, the role it has, what it’s doing for you and not, what you’re missing, what you don’t know or aren’t seeing that has to be put into place for you body, your digestion, your health, your weight your VITALITY to come back to be.

It’s about the food.

It’s about how your body is working with it.

It’s also about you and your mind and emotions and stress and how you feel.

I’m taking a small group of women through this process of healing the gut WITH healing foods, with energy and mindset in my new course: TRUST YOUR GUT

We are looking at everything and I guarantee you will understand what your body is telling you, what your symptoms mean, what your body wants and what you need to do to be able to shift your physical and emotional energy to move into health and healing and the body you want.

Want to know more?

Check it out here or message me.

We start April 22nd, the content is released daily and we have weekly live group calls for 1:1 coaching and support and anything you need AND private messenger support with me when needed as well.

This is how this works. Nothing is separate. Everything is connected.

Trust Your Gut.

You’re going to have to in order to heal.

Jodi :)