What protein shakes, steak and portion sizes have to do with gut issues

Do you like ever WONDER WHY so many things seem to be off with so many people’s bodies?

Or maybe YOUR OWN body?

The detective in me had to find out and is fascinated with understanding how things work.

The way you eat is EVERYTHING.

It IS the fuel your body has to work with, and it also can be the LACK of fuel your body has to work with.

I am not against eating meat or steak or smoothies, certain protein shakes, YES I have issues with but that’s not even the entire point I’m making here.

Our world is so upside down when it comes to how food is served and what ‘normal’ looks like. There’s such an emphasis on protein that you can go to nearly any restaurant and get 16 oz steaks, like in what world is it a good idea to put that much steak in your body at one time?

It’s not what your body wants.

You can eat steak, or even a 16 ouncer but not all the time.

No one seems to understand the very direct link between the way you are eating and the way your body feels. It IS your power of influence.

And when you have digestive stuff and chronic inflammation stuff going on, you have to see that you are going to need to fix your food, because it’s impacting your healing or lack of it day in and day out.

What you eat matters IMMENSELY. It’s definitely a huge part of the gut health issues that are everywhere. BUT there are other reasons too, I made this video for you awhile ago because I was getting so many questions about this topic, and I hope you watch it and start to see that there ARE REASONS that the body is showing up with bloating, gas, IBS, stomach stuff, and on and on…..

It IS your job to know your body and how it works so I hope this helps you see how YOU have a very POWERFUL role in healing and changing how your body is right now.

And even if you don’t eat steaks or meat at all, you will get a lot out of this.

Click on the video below to watch and then let me know what questions you have!


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