Costco's best food deals - products I go for everytime!


I just returned from another trip to Costco. I try to always go on a weekday afternoon if possible just because it's hard enough to push those huge carts around full of oversized boxes and bags, let alone when you are dodging strollers, samples and slow walkers. I have a routine when it comes to Costco shopping. First, let's look at some of their best healthy organic food options and then we'll talk about storing and how to make this trip last even longer.



I usually head to this section first to see if there are any fun new additions to the organic fresh or frozen options.

  • Organic carrots: they have both baby carrots and regular carrots. It depends on how much work you want to do or how you typically eat your carrots. I will get both depending on what other things I have at home.
    • Regular carrots: 10lb bag for about $5
    • Washed baby carrots: 5lb bag for about $6
    • Greens: I always get my greens here. There are three types and are the best prices unless a grocery store is having a special sale on these.
      • Organic Power Greens: a mix of chard, spinach and baby kale. I use this for smoothies, juicing and to cook into other veggies, stir-frys or tomato sauce or soups. It's a little heartier so if I want it as a salad I chop it up. $5.49
      • Organic Spinach: pre-washed and ready to go. I love for salads, filling wraps, adding to eggs or as a base for my warm veggies and protein. $4.49
      • Organic Mixed Greens: pre-washed and great for big salads
      • Cucumbers: these are English cucumbers, the long, seedless kind. These are not organic but I get them when needed and use for appetizers, to slice thinly on my mandolin and make cucumber dill salads, or as a dip for hummus or salsa. I also love them in my water. 3 pack: $3.49
      • Organic Avocados: 5-6 per bag about $1/each
      • Organic Broccoli: this is in the frozen section and comes in a 4 pack of 1 lb bags each. $1.49/lb
      • Organic Green Beans: frozen section 6lbs: $6.69
      • Organic Grapes: so far I've only seen the seeded red/black grapes. They were about $1.48/lb. Good price but I hate seeds in grapes!
      • Organic Apples: usually only one variety but about $2.50/lb
      • Organic Bananas: 3 lbs $1.99 (super great price!)
      • Organic Blueberries: fresh section (I've only recently seen these) about $7 for 2 pints
      • Frozen Organic Blueberries: about $10.99
      • Frozen mixed berry blend: $9.99
      • Kirkland frozen organic strawberries: $9.99 for 5 lb
      • Diced tomatoes: organic cans: $5.99
      • Grapefruit: these aren't organic but if you are choosing, fruit with peel is less sensitive than others. 10lbs for $9.99



I don't buy tons of protein, but I like that they have good fresh and frozen options depending on how much and often you want this.

  • Organic boneless skinless chicken breasts: these come in a 3 pack: $5.99/lb
  • Organic whole chickens: $4.49/lb
  • Organic chicken thighs: $4.49/lb
  • Organic grass-fed beef: this is about 85% lean so you will have to decide if that's lean enough for you
  • Wild Caught Mahi Mahi: in the frozen section, comes in individually packed filets. About $6.50/lb
  • Wild Caught Salmon: in the frozen section, in individually packed filets. $19.99/lb
  • Wild Caught Salmon: fresh - price varies. I typically wait until Whole Foods has specials on this as it happens fairly regularly where they price it as $12.99/lb
  • Wild Caught Cod
  • Organic Cage Free Eggs: price has been going up lately on these
  • Hummus: they recently began carrying the brand HOPE organic hummus in spicy avocado - yummy!



I used to buy almonds here but the price is going up and they aren't organic so I'm shopping around for better deals here. They do have bulk walnuts, almonds, and pistachios either raw or just with salt.



Remember that these are better choices than other things and not to be the basis of your meals and snacks.

  • Skinny Pop Popcorn: they have double bags of the big size now in packages about $6 as well as the single serving packages in a box for about $12.99
  • Organic GMO-free tortilla chips
  • Mary's Vegan Crackers: big box: $8.49 (they don't always have these so I stock up

If you are just looking for gluten free you can typically find rice chips/crackers or some made from chia or flax combinations. But check the labels so you avoid canola oils and added sugars.



Sparkling waters:

  • Pelligrino in the large glass bottles
  • Klarbrunn sparkling lemon and lime cans of water: 24 for $6.99

They do have bags of lemons and limes that I like to put in my waters but not organic.

Now that you have your groceries it's time to put them away! Here are a few ideas I use to keep my produce fresh and not spoiled.

  • Separate produce that needs or will ripen.
    • Avocados: leave out 1 0r 2 depending on how much you eat them and place the rest in the fridge so they don't all get ripe at the same time. Do this as well with pears, apples, even citrus fruits.
    • Take some of the bulk frozen fruit and place in glass containers in the refrigerator to eat fresh and leave others in the freezer for smoothies.
    • Divide big bags of carrots, cucumbers, peppers or other bulk fresh veggies into smaller servings if you have multiple refrigerators in your garage, basement.
    • Or, you can wash and slice some and freeze to use later in stir-frys or soups.
    • Bananas: I always buy enough to have some fresh, some in the ripening process and some already ripe ones that I have sliced into chunks and frozen to use with smoothies.
    • Greens: don't buy too many at once unless you use them in smoothies, and daily in meals - which I hope you do! I buy all three big sizes of greens listed above for just myself and my husband and they never last long enough to go bad. You can also divide into smaller containers and add a paper towel or two to absorb moisture.
    • Place lemons, oranges, grapefruits or limes into glass bowls on the counter for decoration.
    • The frozen veggies and fruits are no problem they will last!
    • Eggs: last a long time as well. At the beginning of the week I will hard-boil a few to have ready to go.
    • Divide snacks into smaller serving containers and don't eat from the bag or you'll have lots of servings without thinking about it.


I'm working on a bigger list for you a little more inclusive but for now this is a good start! Let me know what your favorite Costco or shopping ideas and finds are for eating healthy at the best prices!