Do Dairy-Free Kids get enough calcium?

homemade almond milk.JPG

Do you worry about your kids getting enough calcium if they are DAIRY FREE?

You shouldn't be.

The foods you choose, for YOU and your family need to be win wins, or mostly wins because they are doing actual things for you.

Dairy, milk, cheese, ice cream and regular yogurt are not those things.

They are not #winning foods they are mucousy and sinus clogging, allergy triggering and gut coating foods.

Do your kids drink milk now?

I literally cringe and gag at the thought of those cardboard milk cartons I used to be given at lunch, I couldn't drink them back then, even the chocolate kind.

Getting calcium from milk is not a reason to drink it or eat it, because there are way better ways you get calcium that don't bite you in the butt or gut.

For example:

Have you noticed that plant based milk alternatives have MORE calcium than regular milk.

(another reason the dairy association doesn't want them to be called "milk")

Here are other foods high in calcium:

**Alfalfa sprouts
**Brussel Sprouts 
**Butternut Squash 
**Coconut water 
**Dandelion greens 
**All the dark leafy greens

You might notice this is A-D here and there are many more letters to go.

So the only real issue is:

Can you and are your kiddos actually eating the real life foods that give them the calcium without the negative consequences.

Because we all know kids think it's normal to have milk or bottles or cheese with macaroni or cheese balls, or cheeseburgers or cheese and nachos or pizza.

But are they getting all the plants in day after day?

Because that's what they need.

So here are a few ways you could have your kids eat some of these foods:

>>Almond Milk Date Shake: yuuuummm 
Blend unsweetened almond milk + chia + Banana + ice + 3 dates

>>Frozen dates: taste like candy, if you are ok with nuts, put a cashew in the middle

>>Make them a sandwich on collard greens with avocado, shredded carrots and hummus or organic turkey if you aren't vegan

>>Chickpea pasta with butternut squash sauce

(I'll post a full recipe here but squash is a great cheese replacer)

>>Dehydrated apple chips (BARE has a good brand, or make them in your oven or dehydrator or even in your air fryer - i've done it)

>>Popsicles: blend any kind of berries, with dairy free vanilla milk substitute + banana + chia + my newest trend with Dalton is adding dragon fruit powder because it's bright fuscia in color. So pretty!

>>Throw spinach/kale/romaine/collards in their smoothies

So add these things in over and over and you will be fine. Not only fine, thriving.

And as for formula. I stand by Kabrita, that's the goat's milk formula that literally fed Dalton since he was only a few months old. I made my own but that's not super easy to do, and we had some donated milk but Goat's milk is the closest to breast milk.


If you are breast feeding, don't eat dairy, for yourself and your baby, swap it, it is SO EASY and so WORTH IT.

Picture is my homemade almond milk!

Recipe for Almond Milk:

  • Soak 1 bowl of organic raw almonds in water overnight.

  • Rinse and add to Vitamix

  • Add in clean water, 3-4 dates, cinnamon, 2 tsp madagascar vanilla

  • Blend and mix, (I let the dates soak a bit before blending too)

  • Strain using a nut milk bag

  • Store in mason jars and it’s so good you’ll want to drink it plain or add it to your mushroom lattes!