How to find a clean & healthy yogurt alternative!

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We’re in the middle of the Break Up With Sugar Challenge and lots of people were asking and sharing about their yogurts and yogurt substitutes that they have found. So I put together a few images of ‘clean’ yogurts and why they are ‘clean’ and safe for you.

Again, you have to go product to product. You can’t assume every product from ONE brand is going to be the same. So you’ll see even with a popular American brand, Kite Hill (who I love) I still picked out their plain, unsweetened versions because some of the flavored ones have cane sugar. Cane sugar, sugar in general is NOT necessary. Many yogurts are sugar free, and/or use stevia, monk fruit, molasses, or just plain FRUIT to sweeten. OR you simply buy plain and unsweetened and flavor it yourself.

I personally only buy the plain unsweetened because I use yogurt as a substitute for mayo or sour cream in some of my recipes, but if you wanted a single serve as a great snack or lunch to pack option then go for it! Again my gagging reflex makes yogurt just like cheese to me - gross!

Check out the images below to create some brand recognition if you are a visual person! I found all of these on a new vegan grocery store that’s online called MYLK Guys. They reached out and introduced themselves to me and gave me a link for you all to save $10 on your first order. They have all kinds of food products so check them out here!

These are the brands I would buy but it's really about knowing what to look at on the labels right?

So the 'healthy' yogurts meaning the NON DAIRY ones that don't pass my standards often include these ingredients:

*Cane Sugar 
*Organic Cane Sugar 
*Natural Flavors
*Citric Acid
*Corn Starch 
*Corn anything.....

That's why the unsweetened ones are the go-tos and then you can easily flavor them with your own fruits/nuts/seeds, but there are some flavored with real fruits, so it's not a blanket statement.

#1: Get VEGAN no dairy

#2: Unsweetened NO sugar

#3: If you are nut free, go to coconut

#4: If you don't care, choose almond/coconut/cashew

#5: Avoid the additives above

And you are all set.

Let me know in the comments what ones you have found that work for you!

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