Don't keep missing out on life because of your body

When you HAVE to figure out what’s going on with your food and your body because your husband is starting to stop asking you to go to dinners, events and date nights with him.

SAAAD. 😢😢😢

This happened to me. I would be waiting for my husband to get home and got later and later and when he finally got home I’d ask where have you been? And he would say, “oh I had a client event - but I didn’t tell you because I knew you wouldn’t feel like going and the food was garbage.”


When your need to wear stretchy waisted yoga pants or pajamas and lay on the couch so your stomach doesn't look and and feel AS BLOATED has gotten to THIS LEVEL, when your own family and friends are starting to call you that friend that freaks out about food…’s time to figure this out.

You don’t have to miss out on your social life forevermore because your digestive system is so mad at you and you are afraid to eat anything other than your ‘safe foods.’

Your safe foods might feel safe, but they obviously are not working and helping you solve this stomach - bloating - digestion mess.

You don't have to take away more away (foods or social events).

You are missing the RIGHT things and likely still eating in a way that creates more triggers. Digestion is actually not that complicated. What it needs to calm down and move things along happily (without pain or GAS) for you is more than just what you AREN’T EATING.

Healthy digestion needs the RIGHT foods too.

And THESE foods, are not some unknown herb you have to keep searching for on Google or go to one more naturopath to find.

They are readily available to you right this second, and what happens when you consume them in the right ways at the right times is this:

You stop straining your entire digestive system by making it work harder than it needs to (or even can physically do right now)

You let it have a major break from all the work it’s doing constantly all day everyday every time you eat something.

You actually give it EXACTLY what it needs to be soothed, calmed, nourished and healed.

The foods FEEL good to it instead of like course gravel going through your intestines.

There is more than one reason you can be bloated, so what you need is NOT to do another blood test, elimination diet or stop eating one more vegetable.

You need to understand what YOUR digestion needs and is telling you right now.

You need me to tell you WHY things are not working, and what your body WANTS you to do instead.

The right answers change everything fast.

Don’t settle for missing one more event, one more girl’s night, one more date because your stomach won’t let you leave the house or you don’t even feel like dressing up because your body feels angry at you. 💋👠🕶️

Unravel the mystery. See the whole picture, and then change what you’re doing, you will FEEL the differences right away. And THIS, this digestive piece HAS to be the first step for you in healing your gut for sure, but also in letting your body release this pain, this inflammation so that you can get that flatter stomach, lose that weight, find your energy and feel like yourself again, IN YOUR OWN BODY.

Make sense?

If this is you, you need to message me about 1:1 options or go check out TRUST YOUR GUT my new course alllllll about healing the gut from a food, energy, mindset perspective.

I will explain it ALL to you, and more specifically why YOU are not seeing progress with what you're doing right now.

Step 1: get the food right for you and what's happening inside you.


For the woman who HAS to figure out her food and get her body back NOW!


My newest and coolest and most upgraded and updated program to show you how to actually HEAL YOUR GUT with FOODS, NO food sensitivity tests needed! No pricks and pokes and searching outside of yourself any more!

The answers are INSIDE OF YOU and your entire digestive energy is dying to just flow for you!

4 weeks to truly and fully learn the ins and outs of foods, your digestive system, and the ENERGIES and vibrations they both hold and HOW to get them to work and play nicely together again :)

I USED to use the full on blood tests to work with clients in order to work on healing their digestion and all the inflammation in the rest of the body that supposedly ‘leaks’ out from leaky gut.


You don’t have leaky gut

You don’t need a blood test

You CANNOT possibly eat a plant, a fruit or vegetable, NO not even a nightshade and think that THAT or THOSE foods are in fact your problems. They are not.

Your ‘problems’ are that your gut energy is slow, sluggish, and a number of other things, all that will be HELPED and HEALED with the assistance of our best and most powerful foods  - PLANTS

But you might wonder HOW?

Well it’s simple.

Your body and it’s unique symptoms and signs that it’s totally screaming at you right now (you just need help deciphering what it’s saying to you) have some stagnant energy. Because your body knows exactly how to heal, what to do and how to take you all the way to where you want to be……

To your flat stomach

Your not bloated all day I feel and look 4 months pregnant stomach

The I can go out to eat anywhere and be FINE body

The body you want BACK

The body that fits into your favorite clothes

That isn’t afraid to go on dates, or out of with friends or to eat anything that’s not perfectly perfect or…….ELSE

You have to know:

Your body right now and ALWAYS is doing the best it can with what it has. So even though it feels like it sort of abandoned you, it’s right there with you. Helping you and being the best it CAN BE in this moment.

YOUR job is to clear the path.

To line up the energy so all the digestive energy and systems can flow and communicate again, better than ever even!

And to know that once you allow this massive hub of energy to FLOW AGAIN, that energy bursts out and then the rest of your systems and body and cells have more and better access to all that potent powerful healing energy.

We need to ease up on the digestion.

To let the energy catch up.

To soothe, to soften, to speed it up.

It’s about timing so you know what YOU need to know and when.

All of the foods you need are here now.

The order, the combinations, the reasons and understandings of them, and you don’t need a blood test. There are certain foods in the world that ARE THE TRIGGER foods and they are the SAME for all of us.

NOT an avocado.

Not a grape.

NOT an apple.

In our 4 weeks together you’ll learn HOW TO EAT to let things flow easily again.


You’ll learn your emotional part in this. What you FEEL affects and alters everything you eat and how you eat it. It LITERALLY is impacting you straight in the gut and THAT is what else has to come into place for you to get this.


With foods.

With your intuition.

With your life, relationships, decisions, and desires.

Inside you have that voice that is telling you you CAN totally have the full picture and image of body and heath you want.

TRUST YOUR GUT - you get to have what you want.

You get to heal.

You get to have your body back.


You get to do it in a way that makes sense to YOU.

NOT a hard, complicated elimination diet, or a load of supplements or medication or more tests to find out what’s wrong with you.

NOTHING is wrong with you.

And that energy is actually blocking your results.

This is looking at your body and health and powerful gut as energy systems.

Your foods, your emotions, beliefs and mindset and expectations = your body right now

So we address it all.

So you can be certain that you know how this works and never have to question foods, your body or capabilities again.

Are you in?

Trust your gut….and go with that.