What would happen if you got a food sensitivity test? (new You Tube video inside!)

Let me guess, you have been thinking about getting a food sensitivity test because something just isn’t right with how your body is responding to the way you eat now. Because you would consider yourself an aware and healthy eater.

You get that toxins are a no go and that organic matters. You get that dairy and gluten and sugar are not helping a single soul here. And you focus on your veggies. BUT things aren’t moving. The scale isn’t moving, and your bloating isn’t moving.

What is happening?

It’s not that you’re doing something wrong, it’s just that there is always more to the story when it comes to our bodies, health and food. There are all different aspects that count when we think about being healthy and being in a healthy body. So what needs to be done, is actually not a food sensitivity test, believe me, I KNOW. I worked them for years and they are not your problem. Sure, there are going to be ingredients on there that will show up inflammatory, but I can already tell you exactly what foods, and ingredients on your test or not ARE the TRIGGER foods. That ARE the issues in the diet.

Check out this video about what would show up if YOU DID go and get a food sensitivity test.


  • All additives/preservatives/dyes/chemicals/processed ingredients on your test or NOT ARE trigger foods. So you just are going to need to cut all of them out while you heal

  • Note: sometimes, this makes zero sense to me, but things like red dye #40 would NOT show up on a client’s test results, so does that mean eating it is a good idea? NO. Not at all, again makes no sense.

  • The big issue is that real, plant foods WOULD show up on people’s tests actual healing foods like avocado, grapes, tomatoes, celery and then those foods (which are actually telling you what IS happening inside) would be eliminated and you would SLOW DOWN your healing process.

  • There is a NO LIST of foods that are the issue and that’s that. It’s everything that feeds pathogens inside your body and those are the ones to avoid and they are the same for all of us.

NOW, sure you might feel sensitivities to real foods and that means you need to do healing on the lining of the gut, and you are in, well, a very sensitive state, but I already know that if you’re even reading this far.

Here’s the main thing, everyone would have stuff show up. It would be some stuff that makes sense to take out and others that doesn’t. You need to have someone who gets the digestive system AND foods and how they work with YOU and your symptoms to do this the smartest and most effective way. AND you don’t need a crazy elimination diet.

You need to get that healing the gut includes all of you and your life and not just your food. If you are dealing with bloating, gut stuff, weight gain, low energy there is more to address. And we start with food to make sure the stage is set beautifully to work eXACTLY with how your body wants you to support it at this time.

It’s about TRUSTING YOUR GUT in all areas of life.


I’m so excited to announce that is my new course, TRUST YOUR GUT and it’s open for registration now!

We’re diving deep into WHAT the body is telling you

This program is about breaking up with any limitations, confusion, or toxins (food, beliefs or otherwise) that are holding you back from your fullest life. I will teach you the truth about food, nutrition, vibration and how to align yourself with the right foods, healthiest sources so that you are in control of your health and body.


This course is for you if you are dealing with:

  • Bloating, gas, stomach pain

  • Issues around your cycle, hormones

  • Skin issues, acne, eczema, psoriasis

  • IBS, constipation, diarrhea

  • Weight that won't budge

  • Weight you need to gain

  • Headaches

  • Sleep issues

  • Adrenal fatigue, low or no energy

  • Basically INFLAMMATION that your body won't release......it's time to learn what's really going on so you can get your body back!

Your body right now and ALWAYS is doing the best it can with what it has. So even though it feels like it sort of abandoned you, it’s right there with you. Helping you and being the best it CAN BE in this moment.

YOUR job is to clear the path.

To line up the energy so all the digestive energy and systems can flow and communicate again, better than ever even!

And to know that once you allow this massive hub of energy to FLOW AGAIN, that energy bursts out and then the rest of your systems and body and cells have more and better access to all that potent powerful healing energy.

We need to ease up on the digestion.

To let the energy catch up.

To soothe, to soften, to speed it up.

It’s about timing so you know what YOU need to know and when.

All of the foods you need are here now.

The order, the combinations, the reasons and understandings of them, and you don’t need a blood test. There are certain foods in the world that ARE THE TRIGGER foods and they are the SAME for all of us.

NOT an avocado.

Not a grape.

NOT an apple.

In our 4 weeks together you’ll learn HOW TO EAT to let things flow easily again.


You’ll learn your emotional part in this. What you FEEL affects and alters everything you eat and how you eat it. It LITERALLY is impacting you straight in the gut and THAT is what else has to come into place for you to get this.


With foods.

With your intuition.

With your life, relationships, decisions, and desires.

Inside you have that voice that is telling you you CAN totally have the full picture and image of body and heath you want.

TRUST YOUR GUT - you get to have what you want.

You get to heal.

You get to have your body back.


You get to do it in a way that makes sense to YOU.

NOT a hard, complicated elimination diet, or a load of supplements or medication or more tests to find out what’s wrong with you.

NOTHING is wrong with you.

And that energy is actually blocking your results.

This is looking at your body and health and powerful gut as energy systems.

Your foods, your emotions, beliefs and mindset and expectations = your body right now

So we address it all.

So you can be certain that you know how this works and never have to question foods, your body or capabilities again.

Are you in?

Trust your gut….and go with that.