Easy Peasy Pea Soup

pea soup.JPG

Now that I'm a mom we have a lot more peas in the house. Really.

I didn't know what I was missing out on, maybe I just avoided them from all those years growing up with the bags of peas, corn and carrots shaped like squares?!?

Dalton's favorite foods right now (at 12 months) are peas and bananas. So I am always buying the big Costco bag of organic frozen peas and thawing them out for him in the fridge. 

So today I decided I'd try to replicate the most amazing pea soup I ever had, having dinner with Heath and Dalton in Lake Tahoe when I went to speak at Wanderlust. Our resort had an amazing farm to table restaurant and most of the food was grown either on site, or locally and was super fresh and creative. One night we ordered pea soup as our appetizer, and all I remember is that it had "lemon essence" in it.

So here's my take on it, lemon essence and all, and in all of 4 minutes start to spoon in my mouth.

🍀Organic frozen peas thawed

🍀Vegetable broth

🍀2-3 drops organic lemon oil

🍀Big handful parsley 

🍀Sea salt

1. Blend
2. ✅ done!

I tipped with hemp seeds and served cold but you could definitely warm it up as well. Also try with fresh garlic, shallots or tahini.