Fevers, sick babies and food

Dalton October 4.jpeg

I'm glad to tell you that in 12 months of life, Dalton has only been sick two times. And I know exactly how and why they happened. The first time was coming home from Cabo, he was 10 months old acting like a wild child on the airplane and at one point licked the window and was crawling up on the tray and almost over the seats. AND he had been in Mexico for a week, exposed to way more people (aka more than myself, my husband, our nanny or my mom). 


It freaked me out. It's strange because when it comes to MY body, I know it. I know how it works, I am not available for much in the world of sickness, sure I get a cold once in a while, but rarely am I sick and I definitely am not in any type of fear around getting a disease because when you know how the body works and food works and how law of attraction works, you sort of can be in alignment on topics in these ways. So let's just say I have great confidence in my own body's health but when you have a tiny baby who gets a fever and becomes listless, lethargic and just wants to lay on his daddy's chest, it's not easy for a mom.


Here's what I want you to know about fevers:

It's true that fevers are a sign that the body is working on healing something inside of you. And that's good, remember your body is always working FOR you. When the numbers get too high, you want to do what you can to naturally keep it down. Cucumber juice. This is the magic ingredient you need, and again another reason I believe you all need a juicer. Because juicing is a natural part of a healthy life and a tool for healing. Cucumbers are a great cooling food, for your brain, for your body, and the juice works amazingly to bring down fevers. I've had clients and even non clients tell me how well it worked for them and their kids. Last time Dalton was sick I gave him celery juice (also works well but try cucumbers if you can). I also give him coconut water, add extra water to his bottles, attempted to give him plain water and mixed coconut water with pineapple juice because of its high vitamin C content.


Damp cloths, taking off his clothes, luke warm baths, we did all of this. Check to see if your little one is staying hydrated. Look at their eyes, are they watering? Their skin, is it very dry or not? Are their lips chapped? Check for these external signals. 


We put lavender oil, thieves oil diluted in a carrier oil on each foot and peppermint diluted on his belly button. And repeated these. I diffused peppermint in the bedroom.


If you need a medicine, we do dye-free Kids Motrin. I hate resorting to drugs but it worked and in the greater scheme of things I always look at the best scenario in the moment and understand that our bodies are so strong that in the big picture, taking a medicine is not going to ruin him or me. It's when these things become habits or regular parts of life that they hurt us.


Here's what to know about food, digestion and being sick:

Your digestive system takes a lot of energy. That's why when you have a fever or you are sick, you lose your appetite, it's your bodies natural way of keeping the energy on fighting the virus or bacteria for you. AND most of your immune system is in your cut SO it's wise to not load it up with lots of food or WORK. 


I don't worry about him eating a certain amount or certain things when sick. I focus on hydration. And when he was sick, I gave him Kabrita goat's milk formula with extra water because I KNOW it's easy for him to digest. It's most similar to breast milk. So if you breast feed, feed the baby what he/she wants. Keep yourself hydrated too. The energy in the body is shifted into battling and healing FOR YOU. So let it do that. 


And never underestimate the power of your mind and manifesting. What I did in BOTH situations was use my feelings and emotions to give us the best possible outcome. I decided what I wanted. I wanted my baby to feel better, to be better, to be on the mend and to be safe. As he was laying on my chest with no energy, I used my affirmations that I do with him and for myself. I repeated over and over while FEELING it to be true for him and me:


*You are healthy.

*Your body knows what to do.

*Your body is fighting for you right this moment and keeping you well.

*Everything we're doing is working for you.

*Your body is strong.

*I love my healthy body. I love being healthy. I love my immune system. I know it knows what to do.

*My mommy and daddy and everyone is taking really good care of me. 

*I am always loved, protected and safe.


Repeated repeated repeated over and over and over out loud with him laying on me. I credit THIS just as much as anything to how he got better. We got into his doctor a few hours later and she said you're doing everything right, he looks fine.


The best thing is to jump ahead of the sickness, the fevers, the flu, but when it happens, then shift to focus on what you want it to be like, and how you want it to go, intend for the best outcome and scenario and see it and feel it that way.


When you have a baby or a little one, intend it and see it and feel it FOR them. Feel how YOU would feel when the fever breaks, when they get their energy back when they are fully healthy again. THIS is getting into alignment and take your actions from THAT place.


You CAN be confident in how things work, and how they get to go for you. Keep your house stocked with:

  • Organic essential oils
  • Cucumbers
  • Juicers
  • Coconut water
  • Fruits
  • Clean water

These are your medicine cabinet. Focus on health, focus on healing. And it is yours.