Eat cherries to: lose weight, boost fertility and cleanse your liver


Have you skipped over cherries in the grocery store because maybe they taste too tart or you don't know WHY they are so GOOD FOR YOU?

Here's why you want to add cherries to your food life:

* Cherries are an amazing LIVER CLEANSER
* Promote healthy hemoglobin
* Help relieve constipation (better than your prunes!)
* Suppress your appetite!

Ladies if you want to get your body ready for pregnancy cherries will give you IMPACT.

They help remove radiation damage, and we know that chemicals from all around are one of the main reasons you have a hard time getting pregnant.



Plus... cleansing your liver, and giving it a break from all the work to detox.

And... they remove toxins from your uterus.

Oh and... help reduce fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Add these to your fertility diet (or weight loss plan) ASAP!

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