The Every Girl feature: "How to eat healthy according to a dietitian"

Last spring I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Cassandra Monroe, a freelance writer for The Every Girl (which is a super cool website if you haven't seen it before!) She came over to visit and cook with me and pick my brain about to eat!

I'd love for you to read the story she wrote that was just released!



Since this story was written, I've learned even more so some of the foods I eat and recommend today are a little bit different if you have an inflammatory or chronic disease or symptoms going on, but you will get the big picture idea!

You'll notice there are a lot of comments at the bottom of this post. The way that I teach about and talk about food is NOT MAINSTREAM although it is original.

Some people, (and note there are other dietitians commenting) come from different perspectives and that's ok, because I agree that no exact diet is right from person to person. BUT I also know what certain foods do for you and don't do for you. I don't care if 10000 people comment that you shouldn't eliminate dairy products. I disagree. And that's that. I have worked with enough people and studied enough that this is my knowledge and professional opinion.

I am not going to follow something just based if there is a research article about it because those can be skewed just as much as someone can write anything on the internet and it may or may not be true. This is what I know from personal experience, working with lots of people and many HOLISTIC experts.

The reason I don't recommend gluten or gluten containing grains is because they don't help someone heal and I work with people who need that. You can eat it if you want to that's always your call.

I don't line up 100% with what dietitians teach anymore and I'm ok with that. I've learned what I've learned and you can listen to me if you like. Try and see what works for you, and please leave a comment below the article if you feel so called.

Here's to eating to thrive!

Check out the article and let me know what you think!