First Trimester Update!

I’m almost 15 weeks right now and it’s finally sinking in that this is for real. :)

Honestly, this has not been easy for me. I think above almost anything I truly cherish HOW I FEEL, which is good because it’s made me do things, seek out help and support so that I CAN have that feeling again, but it’s been hard. I am a person who likes to control, and that is a huge lesson I continue to learn, to give it up, to give in, to let myself TRUST that I am ok, that I am enough, that I am supported, and it’s not all on me.

Since I was about a month off of where I thought I was in terms of how far along I was, (I thought I was about 7-8 weeks when we had our ultrasound and was actually 12 weeks and a few days), it went faster??!?

Maybe not really, the thing that alerted me that I ‘might’ be pregnant was indeed that I felt bad. I felt off, I felt gross, tired, fatigued, I had to take 2 hour naps after getting up and taking Dalton to school. And the food thing, well I was eating more than usual popcorn and potatoes and corn. OR just completely turned off by food in general, and when it’s like your most favorite thing to come up with what to make for lunch and dinner and all of sudden the fridge makes you gag, something is up.

Here are a recap of my early symptoms to more recent (and improving)

  • Fatigue: aka naps in the morning, I don’t take naps like at all

  • Just feeling off, kind of nauseous I guess, especially in the car

  • Turned off by food

  • Craving lots of fruit (but not all fruit, like grapes, see-ya later)

  • Burping. hello. gross like big loud burps

  • Slow digestion in general, food wasn’t breaking down well, eating a normal sized meal was a big mistake, it just wans’t getting down

  • Gas: only 2 days I remember of this but yeah, gross

The slow digestion has been what I’m working on the most, good thing I know a thing or two about that huh? So I’ve been grazing, eating smaller meals, eating melon because they are pre-digested and easier to get down, especially cantaloupe sounds good. Mono eating just eating one kind of fruit at a time, like mangoes.

Little to zero animal protein. One, it sounds awful, two, I know it’s one of the most difficult things for the body to break down and process so if you’re digestion is slow, maybe don’t do that….(stuff I tell my clients) AND the biggest reason: SIGNS

I keep and even just a little bit ago on instagram got another reminder that I am very sensitive right now, a lot is shifting, physically, emotionally and mentally. I literally have drawn the same three angel cards about three times. And one is referring to shielding myself from all negative energies because of my high levels of sensitivity, a second is the Sacral chakra card, telling me to avoid chemicals, additives, processed foods. By the way I see this as a little hilarious since I don’t eat that stuff anyways, but to me it means being even more aware, and not having ‘healthy’ processed foods, and sticking to basics, high vibrational foods (fruits and veggies mostly) and a bigger focus on being vegan. So I am and it’s helping.

This is obviously a big deal for me, and for Heath and Dalton and I want to say it’s been so fun and easy but it hasn’t. I’m learning, I’m adjusting and I’m deciding that I get to feel well and strong and enjoy this process. So I’m doing everything I can, and I think, what would it feel like if I had had a lot of inflammation in my body or health issues before? I can’t imagine it, so I’m so thankful for this healthy body that was able to easily get pregnant.


  1. My attitude: and I’m not perfect, it’s easy to feel bad for yourself, but I am focusing on knowing i will feel better soon and that I’m not stuck being sick for the rest of the time AND giving myself rest, not feeling bad for taking naps, for needing to lay down early at night, needing to eat a bowl of fruit for dinner and leave the kitchen because of the other smells. I don’t have to be perfect, what even is that? I am doing the best I can, and I’m always enough.

  2. B 6: the real one, I’m taking this one, from a quality supplement company I trust. I knew B vitamins were important but didn’t know how much better this one would be for nausea.

  3. Acupuncture: thank you God, it’s instantly opening up my energy flow, especially around decreasing nausea and increasing my desire to eat. After ONE treatment I woke up the next day and coffee didn’t smell bad, and I wanted to eat a salad for lunch, like a whole one with mixed ingredients. AND I had a yummy veggie burger on it (grab this one here from MYLK guys) I’ll leave my discount code at the bottom for you :)

  4. NUCCA: my chiropractor practices where he takes x-rays and only adjusts at the axis and axel (where the head rests on the neck) and everything lines up from there, makes sense right? So the adjustments are very simple, all based on me and my measurements when I show up, how much weight I have on each let, the rotation of my pelvis, etc.

  5. Walking OUTSIDE: nature is the best cure for nearly everyone in my opinion. Nature is perfect. And fresh air, being outside in the sun, especially morning sun and walking and listening to my music is so healing.

  6. Small meals, fresh, real food. Nothing fake.

  7. Sleep: resting when I need to and want to.


Nothing super strongly, I was craving more warm comforty foods like lentil vegetable soup, cooked veggies if any, and cereal. My healthy gluten free rice krispies with New Barn almond milk and bananas, and my maple buckwheat cereal the same way, or even mix the up together! I could eat that everyday. And then some plain popcorn, and pita bread, Cheesecake factory bread good bread basically with vegan butter. Melons, mangoes, some cashews. not much else.


Some days I thought I was sooo showing, BUT I think it was bloating lol and my slow digestion after trying to eat too much. My face looks better because I had been not drinking and drinking less and less and less before this happened. Coincidence? I think not, my guides were telling me to knock it off for a long time. So yay better skin because my liver is so happy.

My hair had been growing fast and I thought I was manifesting it and my stylist noticed (ps I did manifest it in this way :)) So longer hair, healthier hair.

I hardly have a baby bump, I read the uterus is now the size of a grapefruit so that’s when people start to show, based on torso length ( mine is very long), strength of abs (hello pilates instructor) and the uterus size. So when I went through IVF the day of my first embryo transfer, both my ovaries were swollen to the size of grapefruits and THEN I looked very pregnant and felt very horrid. This is nothing. I don’t feel inflammation like then at all. And my hormones and emotions although high, are nothing compared to how I felt on the medications and shots. Watch the video in my facebook group called: what happens to your body when you do IVF.

I feel like I’m so much better. Calmer digestion, getting faster everyday. Calmer about this happening, feeling supported by my team so far (NUCCA, acupuncture, midwives) and ready to keep feeling good. I literally broke down crying to my coach this morning feeling like a failure because my body didn’t feel amazing and perfect and I know that feeling good is what is natural. But also, this is real, things are happening, things are moving and I know what I’m doing. I know how to help my body, and it’s ok to need help. I got myself from zero ovulation to healthy and naturally pregnant and fully believe in what I do and know. And I hate feeling bad, so learning to accept my changing body is part of this process.

That’s about it for now! I’m glad you’re following along, please share if you have pregnant friends or those who want to be :)

I’m taking new private clients in my Baby Body Ready program now because this is such an important issue in my heart. You can help your body do anything. Details here.

Jodi :)

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