I'm a skin snob and I'm pregnant......how to get RESULTS and not load up your blood with toxins


***Probably a good idea to NOT do that like all the time right?!?****

Whether you're pregnant, want to be, or just want to have a long healthy life, it ALL COUNTS.

What's going on your skin, on your hair and in your mouth of course.

You can't really believe in one and not the others.

I copied this article about Beautycounter's new anti-aging line for you guys to read.

This line is showing amazing and fast improvements. I took these pics from my friend Sara who I went to college with and who told me about beautycounter in the first place.

I thought you guys who are into holistic beauty would love seeing these. I just ordered and will definitely be posting my progress pics, who says you can't do all the beauty stuff while pregnant and looking younger everyday?

Shop it all here but FIRST the amazing before and afters!

Read the full article here and please read the highlighted section below:

For years, the beauty industry has relied on retinoids, a class of chemicals derived from vitamin A, for antiaging and skin-brightening products. On the surface, it seems to have magical properties: It causes the skin to turn over, clears out pores, and increases collagen production, which allows the skin to look plump and young.

Unfortunately, retinoic acid, a type of retinoid, has been credibly tied to health risks. The most obvious negative effect is skin irritation. But some risks are more morbid. The National Institutes of Health found in 2012 that when combined with sunlight, it may increase cancer risks. California’s EPA Prop 65 also lists it as a developmental toxicant, meaning it could harm unborn babies in the womb. Of course, in both cases, it took a high dosage of the ingredient for the negative effects to be seen.

I can't wait to get this on my face! I love when you get everything you want EXACTLY how you want, meaning you don't have to choose results OR non toxic. You get to have it all....💗💗💗

For SO many women, chemical overload and a sluggish liver is a major player in why you can’t get pregnant. It really takes knowing that all of this stuff is literally affecting us day after day as it goes straight into the blood stream. But don’t just care if you want to be pregnant or if you already are…care all the time. I want you all to live long healthy lives in the bodies of your dreams. pay attention!

I’m taking new private 1:1 clients in my Baby Body Ready program now, so if you want help understanding why your body isn’t cooperating on the fertility front, this is the in depth package for you. It’s 4 months with me working on everything going on in your body and in your MIND. Helping you to know that you know that you know how your body works, how it supports you, all that it IS CERTAINLY capable of.

It’s time to clear up anything preventing your body from easily being fertile and healthy and my mission is that you are so strong and certain that you feel good in your body NOW and believe in it with your whole heart.

So help out your liver and look amazing at the same time.

Here’s the link to shop again. Go have fun, and let me know what you order!!