Healing and shifting your body is BALLSY


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Do you know what it takes?
Radical faith. Which comes from your huge DESIRE to and for change.

The desire cannot be underestimated, and usually needs to be looked at because if you have been in a body that doesn't feel right for awhile, then you hesitate in declaring that you WILL HAVE what you want.

Because you think....'what if it doesn't work'

And that feels really scary.
To think you might never get there, to think there is some power out there over you or around you and above you that is dictating what happens.

But you can't give in to that. It makes sense we live in a world that wants to hide real healing from you. Because it isn't standard protocol.

If you grow up in a world that teaches:

You're sick >>> go to the doctor
You have a disease >>> freak out now there isn't much hope
You want to lose weight >>> omg what do i do, which plan do i follow, who knows?

It's BECAUSE of the everywhereness of this fact that we feel disempowered and think we need a magic cure or a fancy medicine or supplement or herb or healer.

What you need to know is you get to choose. You get to decide. You get to call it in. You get to AMP UP your burning desire to heal, to change to be in your best body.

Until you own this desire, everything else is weakened.

Because after the desire is burning, then you focus on faith. Faith, day after day sometimes minute after minute in the KNOWING that what you want is done and on it's way to you.

Any outcome is possible in the quantum field.

So you can choose it and then back it up with RELENTLESS CRAZY PERSON FAITH.

It doesn't matter if your dream is considered big or small like drop 10 pounds or heal Hashimotos or cancer or anything in between. And maybe dropping 10 pounds feels like a mountain to you.

The work is the same.


Expect to have it.


This is a practice. A practice I practiced and still do.

To declare to the Universe that I am/can

-always healthy, strong, resilient
-have a healthier and healthier digestive system every single day
-full of energy, so much that I bounce out of bed running to the gym or outside to run
-eat whatever I want and maintain my healthy body and weight
-have cells that tell me exactly what they need, and know exactly what to do day in and out

You increase FAITH by repetition. 
Every feeling you put with your thoughts is leading you toward your dream body or away from it.
Positive feeling emotions + faith = movement toward it
Negative feeling emotions + faith = movement away from it

This isn't about never having a bad thought or bad day or crying or getting upset.

It IS about the chronic state of your mind. THAT is what is creating the chronic state of your body.

Wanna know a super easy way to increase and influence your faith (which comes from this repetition to your subconscious mind?)

By hanging around people that believe this. 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️ That's ME.

Being being in the presence and energy of people who say um duh yes you can do that.

That's the WAY IT IS.

Then it sort of seeps into your brain. And when you train your brain, it's all over. buh bye health issues. buh bye stubborn weight. You're a goner.

So the best way to work with me, and being certain knowing of you getting your body and health the way you want?

My plant based eating course: Fueled & Focused

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How to be social and still be healthy
ALLLLL the recipes I make
Allllll reall ingredients
ZERO foods that will harm the body in any way
Making food fun, and freeing and nourishing

So there you go, it's so simple to learn and then you just can't get enough of it, like I said on my video today, your health will constantly expand into better and better, you'll love this more and more

It can only go so far into the negative before you hit your limit. Hit your limit today. Sign up, join us, and figure out your food.

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