Healthy IS Beautiful

Healthy is BEAUTIFUL.

I love being healthy because it makes me feel beautiful.

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I think we all want this. to see our true selves in the mirror reflecting back to us. Instead of a version that might be covered up with extra weight, bloating, puffiness, swolleness, breakouts, dry skin, hair or nails.

The truth is you at your most beautiful IS you at your healthiest version.

Because when you love yourself in all the ways necessary to do what it takes to feed yourself real food, it is an act of love.

A person who loves themselves has standards in how they eat.

You care enough about what goes in your mouth that you read a label, you get the groceries, or order them, you chop things up and mix them together with other things and you eat lots of color. You do a little extra work (or I teach you how to short cut it all so it's not really at all work) because you WANT that realness in your cells and you don't want anything else.

You CRAVE foods that love you back.

I love how I eat and how I eat loves me.

If I am in a place that doesn't have that many options (ps this doesn't hardly ever happen anymore because I have a core belief that I always have access to all the kinds of healthy food I want and need) but if it's some rare occasion, then I just don't eat that much, I get a little digestive break, a mini cleanse, whatever you want to call it. I respect my body that if I'm in the middle of the midwest 🙃 and there's no Whole Foods on the side of the road, I don't eat from a fast food place, or a gas station really, I'd rather not eat than do that.

Also because I LOVE/CARE so much about this, about my health (IT'S A DOMINANT PRIORITY) I don't forget to pack food, I don't forget to be prepared. I don't forget to order groceries. I just do it.

Because I want to.
Because you couldn't stop me.

That's how it is and feels when you love being healthy. It's not pain.
It's not a job.
It's not hard work.

It's who you are and what you do. 
And all of this is because you see the value of taking care of this body you have, this only body you have that you do your LIFE in.

Yes I want to be healthy but I also know that = beautiful.

Beauty does not come from your face wash or makeup. It's an essence, it's a vibe, it's you knowing how valuable you are, and how your body is so willing to support you.

It WILL show up for you. You cAN have that healthy girl glow, it comes inside out from your cells.

YES from real food.
But YOU only get to this place of wanting to eat this way, from BEING it most of the time. And that vibration is HIGH.

And a high vibration is close to love, is an aspect of love.

And that's what beauty is.

You choose beauty foods naturally when you are vibrating love.

Love is choosing to give your cells fuel.
Love is choosing to take away things without purpose or a point or for sure things that are toxic.
Love is letting yourself feel good.

And that glow comes from owing your worth.

Not just forcing yourself to eat clean or take things away because you don't like how you look. That's the lack of love.

That won't work.
You will not glow.
In fact your body won't respond well at all like that.

You have to embody the whole idea of this. 
That you are not being punished. 
You are not on a diet.
You are a human who respects her cells.
You eat food because that's what we do.

You choose what you like you like what you eat, your food loves you back and it's simple.

These are beauty foods.
All plants are beauty foods.
They all have a purpose. so they all love on your cells.

But for you skin lovers like me, some of my specific faves are:

*Spinach and other dark greens
*any green juices

Watch your skin naturally tighten, watch your eyes get brighter, watch your stomach flatten out and let go of the bloating, and you feel so much different in your body.

Just eat through the eyes of love. 💗💗💗


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