Healthy is ALWAYS available to you...yes NOW

Healthy food IS available to you no matter what.

Healthy food is ALWAYS available to me. I BELIEVE this. So when we got to our hotel in Miami and there’s a restaurant called Malibu Farms, local, organic with the most beautiful menu and yes vegetable crudités are an appetizer (the BEST appetizer all restaurants should have) I’m not surprised.

I just want the kind of food I want all the time. No one is forcing me to eat this way. I have to. I want to. I must. It’s all my body wants and I happily say yes. I used to struggle so much traveling. So much that I’d get headaches and have to sleep off a migraine when I arrived because there was just no food (AND I wasn’t preparing myself). Because you DO need to be prepared when healthy food is your focus. It’s so much better than before but we aren’t there yet. I mean hello can we PUH-LEEZ make it a requirement that all airports and all airport terminals have fresh juices? That’s what our gut would do so well with when traveling anyways….

When you CARE so much, you will think about it, you’ll pack some snacks, and when you expect to see options all around, you will. I’ve had a flight attendant hand me a fruit cup while boarding an airplane - seriously! Start to expect what you want to see and it will not only open your eyes to all the options around YOU, but help to call in MORE options everywhere for all of us who are really wanting it. 🥬🍉🌴🥗☀️ 

crudite plate malibu farms.jpg

There are shifts that happen when you start to see food as fuel.

It stops being so complicated. It stops being so all or nothing. It stops being so confusing. It’s either real or its not.

You either believe your body runs on it or you don’t.

You either choose to fuel your body with real things or you don’t.

When you commit to finding this way to eat, to nourish your body with real foods, you will see HOW AVAILABLE and easy it actually is.

I am not missing out. I don’t have to sacrifice. I don’t have to commit to a life of bland tofu and only vegetables.

Nope. Not at all. Also I don’t recommend tofu.

I didn’t realize all the details about food and the ways I find it, prepare it, have it on hand, make it easy to find, make it easy to flavor and cook that i have been doing for so long.

But it has become normal. The way it is, there’s not confusion about should I eat this or that? What if I get it wrong? What if this doesn’t work?

It works. It HAS to work, because it’s what your cells want.

Fueled & Focused has started, and this is all about making plant based eating (eating healthy, foods as fuel) a part of your life.

Because you see the value of it. Which by the way is everything:

>>Knowing that you are giving your body nutrients so that it can show up for you

>>Knowing inside that you are providing the fuel so that your body can be healthy

>>Being certain you are educated, and taking care of yourself and your family with the way you eat, not just to lose weight (although that just happens) but because you CARE and you get that food is medicine and also preventative medicine.

>>Knowing that you don’t need a diet, or to cut out carbs, or to restrict yourself

>>You can stop looking at food as fearful or confusing and simply it all the way down so you know what to shop for, how to read the labels, what you just keep on hand to make life easy

>>Dinners, lunches are no longer difficult, you KNOW what to do with food and you expand your meals to include so many more beautiful fruits and veggies to go along with the other parts of your meals

>>Get rid of worrying that your kids aren’t eating well, you know how to feed them

This is what this course is about.

For you if you don’t want to be confused anymore. You want to be done with worrying and stressing.

Make it simple, learn how your body uses foods. Learn how to set up yourself and your house for good.

And get actual practice implementing these food formulas each week as we go through the course together.

You will be cooking and in your kitchen.

You will learn the truth about food.

And we’ll make it easy.

I’m closing this round of the course on Saturday, so jump in now if you are being called to join!

Remember, everything is connected.