Chickpea Penne Pesto Pasta!

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I’m must be pasta obsessed right now but here’s another PLANT PASTA that tastes amazing and is a little richer than veggie noodles!
Chickpea penne pasta 🍝 this entire recipe I made out of what I had in my fridge yesterday.
* 1 box chickpea penne pasta
* 2 cans organic diced or stewed tomatoes
* 1 small can organic sliced mushrooms
* Organic artichoke hearts
* Frozen peas
* Hope kale pesto hummus
* Pink himalayan sea salt
* Garlic powder
* Vegan parmesan
* Water
* (Leftover organic turkey burgers omit if Vegan)

1. Frozen peas and artichoke hearts were already thawed in containers in the fridge, if frozen, steam for 5-10 minutes until cooked
2. Boil water in saucepan, once boiling, add salt and penne, stir frequency, note: my plant pastas always cook way faster than the box says, less than 10 minutes
3. In a deeper saute pan, heat to medium low, add canned tomatoes, salt and garlic and let cook down, once simmering, turn heat down and add artichoke hearts and mushrooms to warm together
4. Once pasta is done, remove from water, I use a pasta spoon so I have some reserve pasta water, and place in bowl
5. Slice leftover turkey burgers and add to sauce if using and add 2 spoonfuls of kale pesto hummus (plain hummus works fine too)
6. Stir sauce together, then pour or ladel over penne noodles, add in peas and season with a little salt
7. OPTIONAL: add a little vegan parmesan (grate over top of pasta and stir in)

I made up this veggie sauce because I ran out of marinara and it was so flavorful! Plus another way to get more veggies into your meal!

And I LOVE lentil and chickpea pastas because they are SINGLE ingredient!

Looks good doesn’t it?!?

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