What to eat if you don’t have energy

If you struggle with not enough energy, you will want to pay attention to your adrenals and often the thyroid. I was talking to a client this week about this very topic and what it really means in relationship to your thyroid AND adrenals.

I see SO MANY women who are on thyroid meds, or have known or suspected adrenal issues. It’s way to common AND it’s not a life sentence, you just need to know HOW to eat to heal this.

So I made you a podcast and wrote out some notes in case you are a more visual or reading type learner :)

Click below to listen up!



First you have to know that the thyroid and adrenals are like BFFs, they have each other's backs.


So by the time you have been told, or even suspect that your thyroid might be off (low/high/alternating between) and you are feeling TIRED or *think* your metabolism is slow (not why and not true) your lovely adrenals are also working super hard.


So how does this translate to you and how you eat?


Overall it means:

DON'T: over tax your adrenals, don't feed the virus attacking the thyroid


DO: Eat to soothe the adrenals, give your body CONSISTENT fuel (energy/food) and be nice.


Don't do these things:


☕️☕️☕️Wake up and drink coffee first thing on an empty stomach (even mushroom coffee) Caffeine is going to spark your adrenals and body in general to be more 'forceful' in terms of energy output instead of just letting your body create it itself so don't poke them


FAST: do not try to be an all morning faster if you have thyroid OR known adrenal issues. Your body NEEDS you to give it the consistent energy (glucose running through your blood) NOW is not the time for not giving your body glucose - see how that works?


EAT from the NO list foods: it will feed the virus that is attacking the thyroid that is making it hard on your adrenals.

AKA: eggs/pork/wheat/dairy/msg/corn/soy/etc




SNACK! Yes snack snack snack. How do you NOT overwork already worked adrenals? You FEED the body the glucose it needs because they are not capable of giving it to them right now.


Think of you and your food like a custom made IV nutrient drip. Infuse your body consistently, every few hours with snacks.


Also - the RIGH snacks. With glucose. Best bets?


>>Dried fruits


>>Foods made from these things: smoothies, juices, no sugar added fruit snacks, whole foods are best though


REST: this doesn't mean don't workout. It just means, don't go running a marathon right now, OR high high intensity stuff.


MANAGE your stress and your MIND: STRESS is the #1 factor affecting your adrenals. So chill out babe. Do what you have to do. Go on a walk, go outside, go for a drive, read a book, tapping, mediate, scream, deep clean your house....whatever you gotta do do it.


I can help you with this and so much more! What you need is a PLANT based diet, to know how to do it, to actually do it and to have someone hold you accountable and help you navigate the ins and out of your energy and lifestyle to make sure it sticks and you heal for GOOD. And you are more than just ‘not tired’ or ‘without a thyroid issue’ nope - you are THRIVING. You are energized all the time. You LOVE how you feel in your body and how you look in your body.

Fueled & Focused kicks off Monday - read all the details here - and message me or comment below with any questions!

Jodi :)