How much you learn in a year!

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I’m so glad to be feeling well enough to even write a blog today! I literally have been sick for about 10 days, getting hit day 2 on our vacation in Cabo with what was apparently airplane sinus infection germs that slowly took me over until the night before we flew home when we had to call a doctor to our resort at 2am. My poor husband!

So I’m on the mend from bronchitis, sinus and ear infections. ewww. But in some of my downtown as I shivered under loads of covers I had more time to think about how powerful and strong my body is EVEN IF or WHEN it’s battling something. I see it for what it is now, (definitely not always the case). Today I know that when my body has a fever and chills is FIGHTING for me. It always does, it always did. I love my body for that, my immune systems, my B cells, T cells, all my trillions of cells. And I also know that when these things hit, it’s my best job to stay out of the way.


Not to eat.

Not just not eat sugar or processed foods, but when you have a fever there is work happening and if you put in a load of food your digestive system has to start using energy that you really don’t have to spare when there is a virus or bacteria trying to stay alive.

That’s why you probably aren’t even hungry. Your smart body is telling you not to eat. So it can handle things.





And if you eat? What is the best?

Fruits, veggies, smoothies, juices. The answer to everything isn’t it?

Definitely not protein….no no no. that’s WAY too hard on your gut.

It’s funny how even in the past few years the way I see and know foods has changed so much. It went from sort of saying what everyone says about eat green apples because of the glycemic index (WHAT - NO) and not to put bananas in smoothies to totally understanding things from an energy perspective.

A lot of what I thought before was similar to now, but just not as evolved I would say. And definitely just lacked the confidence I have now. I used to wonder why certain things triggered people differently but now I get it. It’s a combination of how energy moves in YOUR body, what areas are stronger/weaker, how the way you eat matters and is either speeding up or slowing down those results you want, and then your emotional and spiritual side. #thatsall

Just kidding. I know it is still complex but I have such a gratitude for this understanding of food. I can trust it and know it and am definitely not scared or worried about it at all. So I found this Christmas Cleanse I put together two years ago right before Dalton was born and watching some of it triggered me to write this and UPDATE or UPGRADE the information and process for you.

Because NOW it’s even better if I do say so :) More COMPLETE.

All plant food based. And why not have a handy little 3 day routine in your pocket for PRE or POST Christmas just in case the sugary holiday fairies might have gotten to you too.

Sign up above and you’ll be adding to the list to get all the details! I’ve added the recipes and instructions to my website so you’ll have everything all in one place to view and follow along! And please forward this blog along to any friends you think might want to hydrate and cleanse the Christmas cookies along with you! 💗💗

Some of the big differences/changes:

  • No silly fruit restrictions

  • More intentional recipes

  • Detox sea veggie soup


You won’t feel like you’re restricted at all. That’s the cool thing about food, it’s not ever meant to be mean or hard on us. Tentative dates for PRE and POST Christmas cleanse:

December: 11-13th

December: 27-29th

You can do one, both or make up your own dates!

See you in there!

Jodi :)