There's nothing wrong with gym rats

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I used to be a gym rat. Jokingly, lovingly, or not however the word was used I was for sure one. One because I didn’t have my own treadmill yet and had to go to the gym to access my ‘things’ all the things necessary for me to feel like a normal human ready to interact in the world.

And then somehow it seemed to have gotten warped a little to think and to say that doing all that and being that person who gets up at 5am at the latest because now well (babies wake up) or you have things to do and places to be, is somehow not right? or good? And that instead it’s supposed to EASY so am I not to be doing all this? Is that trying too hard?

No. This is the missing piece.

Yes working with your body is EASY in this sense.

It’s about what you want, what you think, what you believe, what you are acting out or NOT acting out based on this.

It’s about knowing what to do with food, with nutrition with exercise, with hydration.

It’s about knowing where you hold yourself back.

It’s about learning what works for you and what IS ACTUALLY TRUE so let’s just be clear there are a lot of fake false food lies floating around out there.


What I realized is the girl in this picture who might not have been wearing enough sunscreen, or eating the most nutrient dense foods (all things I came to learn later) but she was DOING the work. She was working out DAILY, and I mean not missing a day, because that was how I set myself up for being able to just interact with the world. I needed that time to myself first.

And I trained my body into doing it.

  • Into getting up at 4am when I was going back to school so I could have my butt in a classroom seat by 8am at a school an hour away from my house.

  • Into running outside when it was so cold my fingers turned white for a little while after because I just can’t stay in a house and not move

  • Into getting up, getting dressed and just doing it, and even on the days I didn’t feel like doing it, eventually my body kicked in and just remembered that that’s what we do

  • And into going to bed early so I COULD get up early and not partying or drinking because I would WAY RATHER be the first one at the gym on the treadmill I wanted (which was always the one and still is…the one with the MOST SPACE AROUND IT) Please do not come and try to workout next to me if you are a profuse sweater and especially a man and especially if you wear perfume or cologne in the early hours of the morning and make funny sounds while you workout)

There’s been a sense of doing all that being bad or wrong, but I can’t imagine not doing it, and the fact I haven’t been doing it the way I used to explains why my body is not in it’s top shape right now at this moment.


Here’s the thing.

Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel like you CAN’T have it and that there’s something wrong with you and OMG what if you NEVER figure it out or it’s just HARD now?!


That is NOT helpful or helping you.

What the real issue is that you don’t want it bad enough. I mean if you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 50 pounds or 100 pounds you CAN DO IT.

No one ever will tell you you can’t when you decide that you can.

I mean there are waaaayyyy crazier things that have happened than someone dropping 2 or 3 jeans sizes. Like running a mile in less than 4 minutes…which one would you like to attempt now? And you CAN change ANYTHING about your body.

Diseases, inflammation, size, shape, there is a science to this and there is you getting up and going to the gym or the treadmill or whatever the right thing is for you and just doing things you are not doing right now from the right place of mind.

I’m on vacation right now and my husband and I fight about who gets to go to the gym first. What is all this nonsense about not working out while you’re on vacation? I mean there are NO REASONS then, you have MORE TIME, you have MORE TIME and you have MORE TIME. And laying around all day is so boring.

I brought my essential oils, my mushroom coffee, my Energy, I ordered groceries online which are being delivered today, I don’t change who I am at anytime. So if your body and health isn’t where you want it to be, then what do you need to do to change that?

What do you need to DO and from what place of MIND does it need to come from?

What needs to shift?

Probably both because your actions follow your mind and beliefs.

Stop thinking you can’t have what you want, and instead start acting like you already do.


I’m taking 3 new 1:1 private clients NOW -

To get your body into the HEALTH and shape and state of being where you know how it works, what it runs off of, what YOU NEED to be eating, not eating, doing, not doing to thrive.

Not eating a hard specific way, but understanding food, understand your own body and then working through anything inside that says you can’t have it, you can’t get there, because remember YOU CAN.

Everything is connected.

Message me for details.