How my DIET & STYLE made me an extra $6K (one of my craziest manifestations ever!)

Yes it's true! The food I eat and the way I dress made me (and makes me) money. Of course it does. Because the way that you present yourself to the world tells people about you and what you stand for. Check out this video I did live yesterday where I dish about how I actually spent thousands of dollars on a photoshoot and don't use ANY of the images anymore, and how the branding I have today just because it shows the real "me" is a HUGE part of my message to the world.


And I bet YOUR message to the world matters HUGELY to you too! Watch this video and listen to how I got the opportunity to speak on stage at an event I never thought I'd be ready for! (part of my steps to my cooking show too!) You can make your dreams come true, you just have to put the right energy out there!


Knowing how to get your BODY, BUSINESS, and BRAND in alignment is so important! And this is what Kate and I will be coaching you through in the Skinny Stylish and Rich Sessions! Check out the program if you're an entrepreneur or have a business you want to take to the next level by knowing how to work with food and fashion to completely BE and FEEL on BRAND!


BONUS OFFERS THIS WEEK: Personalized one on one time for your style and your personalized food guide!

*45 minute virtual style session with Kate (you'll literally have your own stylist in your pocket while you shop!)


*45 minute virtual grocery shopping support from me! Ask me anything and I'll tell you if it's a yes or no, how to look at the labels and customize the foods for YOU, your health and your body!


Watch the video, see how easy this can be and check out The Skinny Stylish and Rich Sessions if you are feeling called to join us!

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