Cherry Berry Smoothie to uplift you when things aren't working & give you patience

Your body is calling for the deep red power of cherries to find peace, patience and joy. Your emotions have JUST as much need for healing food as physical symptoms. The super powered cleansing effects of cherries give you a huge impact for just a little fruit love.

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I used to change my 'diet' all the time & look up what the celebrities were eating {Because I thought they had the answers and I didn't}

That's why you go nuts trying to know what to eat. Because you think everyone else's diet must be the right one.

Let me tell you a secret: ONLY YOU OWN YOUR UNIQUE FOOD PLAN


It will change.

So you don't have to read anymore books, blogs and news stories because

The right foods are calling you. Literally.🍋🍌

When you believe that the body knows how to heal and wants to, eating, food and nutrition get WAY LESS COMPLICATED.

I've been nursing a pinched nerve in my hip/leg/glute for a week or two and finally went to the chiropractor (I didn't know it was pinched) but I was ignoring the signs:

*My hips felt crooked
*It felt like my right leg was carrying more weight
*My sit bone was sore

But I was 'too busy' and ignored it and in the meantime my very quickly growing almost 20 pound baby likes to be held 😮😍

I woke up this morning and like normal I had a strong calling about what to eat: 🍒

CHERRIES: why such a STRONG FEELING to eat cherries? 🍒

They are major purifiers and hello they improve myelin nerve damage.

I am working on a ton of new things right now and when things are new sometimes you need to build momentum. Cherries help you look in a new direction and build excitement.

You don't know who or what to believe anymore because everything in nutrition is conflicting. (Isn't fruit high in sugar?)

You have tried clean eating but you still aren't full of energy, feeling amaze-balls and getting pregnant.

You DON'T want to see more doctors because they think food doesn't matter.

I know. I get it. It seems confusing....

but it's not at all.

What you need is to understand how the body works, how foods work and how they need to be matched up to move YOU forward.

It's about understanding energy:

*Your emotions
*Your body: where are things not flowing and why? 
*What systems need love and attention?
*What do YOU NEED to eat?



  • Frozen organic cherries (about 1 cup)
  • 1 banana
  • Ice to desire
  • Water
  • 1/2 cup fresh strawberries
  • 1/2 cup coconut water

Blend blend blend. 


I'm a food intuitive. 💫

This means we figure out what in your body and your emotions needs to be aligned and what FOODS and ACTIONS you must take to get there.

Food IS medicine. It IS. Do you believe this?

Heal the gut. Drop the inflammation. You feel good. Good things happen.

Join me for a baby body breakthrough session and we'll

>>Nail YOUR celebrity diet that works for only you so you can finally figure out what's wrong (you don't need a test)

>>Use my intuitive guidance so you know exactly where to change your diet (and life) so your body starts to respond TODAY


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