How to be able to eat WHATEVER you want without negative consequences!

What if you could say “It doesn’t matter what I eat….” and it would be TRUE for you in the BEST sense of the phrase?

Do you get what I mean when I say this?

Do you know people who can eat whatever they want with seemingly no negative side effects or consequences?

It might seem to good to be true, but that’s because you have been taught that you have to be strict or hold back or eat ‘healthy’ in order to have the body you want.

And while it’s really true that healthy food contributes to a healthy body, there is a whole lotta leeway in this.

Here’s the core belief:

All the specific details of my food are NOT making or breaking me and my health.

Everything I eat works for me. EVERYTHING.

My body uses what I eat only for good.

Now, you can adopt these beliefs too, it’s a practice of remembering them, repeating them, and knocking out old beliefs that conflict with these BY replacing these thoughts when the old ones come up.

Example: You’re out to eat and you feel like you really want to eat pasta with chicken and veggies but then your mind jumps in and says “you wish, you’ll totally be bloated and gain 2 pound by the morning if you eat that.”

So you are left with a choice. Eat the salad instead and not be bloated but not be content or be actually doing what you want


Eat the pasta and bloat up baby.

HERE is your work.

The only reason you DO bloat from the pasta is because

  1. You believe you will. You have seen it, shown yourself that that’s how it is

  2. And/or you have gut stuff to work on.

  3. But #1 always comes first.

Because, it’s literally impossible to get bloated and gain weight from pasta if you don’t hold any kind of belief that that would happen to you.

So what you think, feel and believe about food and your health is everything.

To practice here, you follow your gut, are you truly being called to eat the pasta?

If yes, then order it and eat it in confidence. REcalling what’s really true in your mind. “I can eat this. My body can handle this, I have a super strong gut, all foods my body calls me to work for me at all times.”

Then do it and back yourself up in your thoughts, not just once, but after you eat when the old thoughts try to creep on you again :)


There is an easier way.

Which is to help your body out AS you install the new beliefs. Which means you learn about food, you acknowledge that ok right now maybe you have bloating a lot and digestive issues. It’s OK, you are where you are. And you’re in just the right place.

And now what do you do?

You handle it. You decide that you’re done with the gut issues. That you want your life back, and your food life back. To live without fear, to live in certainty of your FULL health in all the ways that matter to YOU.

You work with your body and meet it where it’s at. You don’t ignore your symptoms and try to affirm that eating pizza, vegan or not is really a great idea for you right now….

You learn, you listen, you eat to heal. You eat to soothe. You eat ON PURPOSE for healing your digestion. You adjust your food not because you’ll never be able to eat pasta or pizza, but because you want to do this the fastest and easiest way.

Which is to use the foods that are nourishing, healing and won’t irritate you now. To learn what has been happening so that you are now forever empowered to have control of your health and gut.

AND of course, to do the mindset work WHILE you do that so that you feel the physical relief, gain confidence in what you’re doing and in your results. That’s why I’m here. To support you in your healing. Not to make sure you heal, that’s YOUR decision.

I’m here to show you and guide you in how food works, how your body works and how to help them work together. And ultimately it’s YOUR call to claim it and change your mindset so that it lasts, so that this is your NEW REALITY.

You look at how you’ve been thinking that allowed this to be, and then we change those thoughts to be more empowered, more certain of your health. And then? You can’t not be healthy.

It’s the law.

Trust Your Gut is everything you need to know to heal your digestion, yes so you can happily eat your pizza and pasta, but so you KNOW what is happening in your own body. And you don’t have to ask anyone else, you KNOW what to do. YOu know how this works. It’s a pretty freaking good idea to understand your powerful body.

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