How long does it take to get rid of bloating? My client is already eating a former trigger food with zero problems in less than 7 days!

How long does it take for you to notice relief from symptoms, like bloating?

Not long. The way it feels to me is that yes, for sure, if something has been hanging around in the body for longer, then there may be more physical work of healing to do. But remember, your body is already responding to you right now, so when you give it what it wants and can use for POWER to heal, then it’s like magic.

When you have bloating all the time it can feel like this thing that will never go away, or might always be there. It’s NO FUN feeling and looking like you're 4 months pregnant when you are NOT.

Bloating simply means there is CHAOS going on in the gut. It’s all confused and trying to do a million things at once. Kind of like running around your house trying to pack and make food and get out the door. Not focused.

And what you need is clarity. On what you have been giving it to stay confused about and then to stop doing that!

Your gut isn’t so much confused as is it just has SO MANY things to do for you and it can’t find enough time and energy and power to get them all done the way you are eating now.

So how long does it take? Once you clear the way? Once you simply stop triggering it, letting inflammation continue and just put in the good stuff? The food is medicine stuff that will not only stop aggravating the gut, but will ON PURPOSE fully support it in healing so that don’t just get rid of bloating for a few days, or weeks or while you’re in my group program (TRUST YOUR GUT, sign up already it’s what you need!) But you have done enough to support your body so that IT’S GOOD.

Meaning you are NOT afraid to eat foods for fear of what will happen to your digestion or body. You will know why you were triggered in the past, and then know what to do to take care of it. And when you give your body enough time to heal and regain it’s FULL power and capabilities, then you can go out to eat and eat the bread in the bread basket if you want and have no problems. Or you can go out to eat and not freak out that something will trigger you.

You can EXPAND your diet into all kinds of good foods. I eat so many different kinds of foods, and yeah mostly I eat plants because that is what happens when you let your body heal and tell you what it wants. There is NO BATTLE in my mind about I want to eat that but I can’t. Or I wish I could eat that but something will happen, I’ll react or get bloated or have gas or something else :)

Nope. And you know what else happens when you make the mental connection between what you eat and how you feel? You choose the foods that allow you to feel the best. Because that’s what you want. You want to feel good ALL THE TIME. And you should.

I won’t settle for anything less and you shouldn’t either because it’s available to you now.

OH! OMG I totally forgot to tell you about how fast the body responds to this type of eating to heal!

One of my clients who signed up just last week for Trust Your Gut is already successfully eating foods that triggered her less than 7 days ago. WOW.

I’ve had other clients achieve this in just a matter of days to weeks:

  • Get rid of stomach pain and drop 5 pounds in one week

  • Lose 17 pounds in 2 weeks

  • Bloating gone within days

  • Feel lighter and HAPPIER in days

Why can people see results like this?

Because your body is set up to do this. And when you have digestive issues, you have loads of inflammation which basically means you have lots going on and an irritated system that cannot work well until you handle it. Inflammation is not the same as losing fat, but if you feel like you can’t drop weight and have gut issues, it’s because part of that weight is not fat, it’s inflammation and inflammation goes as soon as it can’t stay anymore.

That’s what you’ll learn in Trust Your Gut, how to get rid of the inflammation, and then just watch, watch your body respond, watch the inflammation fall away and feel how good you feel right from the start.

If this resonates with you, I’d love to have you. I’m here to answer all your q’s about what’s been going on in your body. I promise it’s no big mystery and if I can heal, and my clients can heal then you FOR SURE can too. This is how our bodies work, for us, and yours is waiting for just a little love so it can show you how yours can too.

The group closes this FRIDAY JULY 5th!

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