How to grocery shop by vibration:

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Your cells are alive and hold frequencies, and in their natural state, they are HEALTHY and of a high vibration.

If you were to grocery shop PURELY on what your body WANTS you to eat, you would go through the entire store, and pick out only things that didn't have preservatives, additives, or anything processed because it's not a match for your true state of your cells.

When I grocery shop, I always start with the fresh produce and run through this mental list that is categorized by WHAT I use them for in meals, recipes, food formulas. Try looking at your shopping like this and see how much easier it makes it.

You are essentially CONSTANTLY stocked with lots (mostly) fruits and veggies, herbs/flavor enhancers BECAUSE that is what we MOSTLY need to eat.

>>Do I have enough greens?
For salads/smoothies/juicing/wraps/adding to soups/stir-frys?

And then I buy the different kinds of greens based on which of those I don't have left or very many left.
Ex: smoothies/juicing: spinach or baby kale
Wraps: bibb lettuce/romaine/cabbage

>>Ready to eat fruit?
I always have a huge fruit bowl filled to the brim for snacks/breakfasts/lunches and to use in recipes

Apples, bananas, pears, oranges/clementines/cuties always on hand, also usually grapes if they have organic

>>Fresh produce to flavor?

Do I have fresh parsley, cilantro, mint? anything else I need for herbs?

Do I have onions? I always keep white or yellow and red onions in the pantry

Do I have either shallots or scallions in the fridge?

>>Do I have fresh veggies to snack on or add to salads or cook with?

Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, fennel, mushrooms?

>>Do I have heartier veggies for recipes or roasting or main dishes?

Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, potatoes

>>What's my frozen veggie/fruit situation?

Do I have enough frozen fruit for smoothies? 
Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, mangoes?

Do I have frozen veggies for dinners?
Peas, cauliflower rice, green beans?

>>What pantry/fridge type flavor enhancers am I low on?

Salsa, hummus, marinara, coconut aminos, coconut milk/almond milk, ginger root, any dried herbs or spices, sugar free salad dressings, vinegars or oils?

When you can focus on knowing that your meals are built AROUND all the plants, then you see that all the plants are going in your shopping cart all the time. So it's a game of refueling.

And then learning more and new ways of how to use all these amazing plants to have more fun with your meals and food and make things healthier and faster.

Do you make lists?
What does this make you think about for your grocery shopping?
Also note: if you use online shopping, your orders are SAVED so you can reorder your previous ones for simplicity and time saving too!


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