What to do for after dinner cravings:

There are multiple layers and aspects to this so find what resonates with you:

I used to totally be this girl. I would actually LOVE my binging time on the couch or in my bed watching The Wedding Planner or Father of the Bride with my bag of pretzels or popcorn where I would turn off my brain and just eat.

It felt like a relief to me.


Because I was so anal and judgmental about I did or didn't do all day long. I was exhausted and mentally burnt out and just liked my popcorn ok?!?

Things to consider if you eat at night when you KNOW you aren't doing it for hunger reasons:

#1: Are you eating enough REAL FOOD at dinner and actually all the day long?

If you are missing out on real vital nutrients, your body is going to tell you that you need them AKA cravings.

Maybe you need more protein, maybe you need more fat, most of us need MORE plants. Because they give you all the things.

If you deny deny deny all day and think you're doing a better job because you stay hungry or don't add much to your meal, you're actually creating more issues for your body than not. So fuel up.

#2: Is this a sacrifice issue?

Do you believe you can't have things you like AND get changes in your body?

Because if you feel like that I'd want to go and run for some sugar to soothe myself too!

You have got to let go of the idea that sacrifice = results. YOu CAN have your ice cream or chocolate. just think about the NOW in terms of where you want to be.

If you're in the process of losing weight, then does it make sense t eat chocolate everynight when you 'suspect' that it's not helping you?

Or does snacking on chips make sense?

KNOWTHIS: There's nothing you can't ever NOT have. Tell yourself that you CAN have it anytime but YOU are choosing POWERFULLY to have something else, or nothing else because THAT's what you WANT. Because your desire for the outcome is bigger than your desire for your treat in this moment.

And it MIGHT be aligned to eat it. But usually it's not aligned to mindlessly eat out of bags. Just saying, I've done that :)

#3: do you need a simple pattern interrupt?

I heard Oprah talk about this once, how she would come in a different door of her house to avoid the kitchen when she was losing weight! Maybe you don't have to do that, but you can change your pattern and environment.

When you typically do the same things everyday, your body is used to it, so it EXPECTS you to do them. And then if you one day say, no I think I don't want to anymore, it will still try to run the pattern, because you have it engrained.

You can break any pattern. And the stronger your DESIRE to do it, the easier it is.

So instead of eating on your couch >> only let yourself eat when you put your food in a bowl and sit at the table.


>>Choose a different go to after dinner food/treat instead: like:

**Four Sigmatic Reishi Hot Cacao
**homemade hot cacao with almond milk and stevia
**hot tea
**cold tea
**Sparkling water with limes or lemons or grapefruits
**A bowl of fruit
**A couple dates
**Drink 1/2 liter of water and then decide

>>Go brush your teeth and get in bed and read and see if you really want to RE brush your teeth again. Prob not.

#4: Decide to break the habit.

this one is about focus and it's everything. You CAN do it. You CAN. You can do anything. Be the person who is at the weight you want, at the health you want and the person you will be so damn proud of when you wake up the next morning. Because you followed through on what you said.

I hope this helps!

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