How to know when food needs to NOT be your focus

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You know what's so funny?

That when I first fell in love with food and nutrition I was so IN it and all about it and I still AM of course, but what I've also learned is that there is something BIGGER going on that needs attention than food, diet, what do I eat or not eat. And that if you find yourself in this constant struggle with food, health or your body, then this is a message for YOU.


We are MORE than our physical bodies. We are more than what we look like. We are more than a struggle to feel good. And why then do some of us battle for SO LONG on these issues? Of losing weight, of healing the gut, of fighting constant inflammation?


It's because it's our LESSON TO LEARN.


We are all here just learning lessons all day everyday. And to the extent that you don't 'get' the lesson or pay attention to it, then you will continue to offered the said LESSON.


My lesson is more than fertility. And that is why, even now I feel I have finally gotten it. When I was in first grade I believe (maybe kindergarten) I was on the playground on the teeter totter with my best friend. And we were going up and down during recess. I remember what I was wearing, a cute cowgirl outfit, a blue skirt and white blouse and headband in my hair. And then I remember this thing that literally has been affecting me for all the years since. 

One of the other girls in our class came over and said something to me that changed the way I viewed myself and the world. She said - your thighs aren't supposed to spread out like that. And I was SHOCKED. Because before this moment I had NO CLUE about body image, or that what I looked like was even a thing or that other people cared about it, or that I should care about it.

I remember feeling like I got hit in the stomach. Because they were my what was I supposed to do about it? And now all of a sudden this new reality existed where I one second before was good enough and now I wasn't, and to me what this meant was that me being me wasn't enough. AND the worthiness issues began. But MINE were all linked into body image. And of course, having skinny thighs.



I seriously only remembered this incident probably a year ago again during a tapping session I was doing and thought oh wow isn't that funny. But the more and more I have looked at myself, my habits, my health, why these specific types of ailments I guess I'll call them have been mine, is so linked to that very moment of time.


When a child hears something they cannot perceive from an adult perspective, it's all there is to them. So in that moment I wasn't good enough. Something was wrong with me, so all the years I spent on not feeling good enough or pretty enough were because THAT message became TRUE to my subconscious mind. And all the years of struggle about not fitting in, not having friends, or people not liking me, were just a reflection of my false inner belief.


It wasn't actually true. People weren't out to seclude me. And I wasn't abnormal or fat. I just believe I was. So you know how everyone has ONE area of their bodies that is like the bain of their existence? Well mine has always been my legs. Makes sense yes?


So because that was my INNER BELIEF. my body responded physically to create that. I didn't feel good enough without BEAUTY. And that beauty was defined by someone outside of me. And by having skinny legs. And it led to a belief that BEAUTY = POWER and without it, I can't do anything, or at least not as good I potentially could. Beauty, power, femininity issues all led to fertility issues = too much estrogen = a hard time having skinny legs.


So it's MORE than food. It's MORE than what you eat. You can eat the most beautiful diet in the world but if you don't know who you are, and that who you are IS ENOUGH. ALWAYS. No matter what you look like at the moment, your body cannot possibly take you to what you want physically. You have to be in alignment. You have to have matching beliefs to what you want.

Your healthiest, most beautiful body won't come from a place of lack. Meaning if I don't have this appearance or shape then I'm not good enough. That is lack. That is a lie. You ARE ALWAYS ENOUGH BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE. You are always enough you came from God, God is within you. And he is always more than enough.

Of course you can have the healthy body. Of course you can have the body you want, when you know that you are not 'making it happen' from a place of I have to have it or I won't be happy. That is never true and always a lie.

So if this is your lesson. Hear it from me. The faster you learn it the better. 

You will be free.

You will be HAPPY. 

And that is when your body, any body's body will thrive. You have to know your worth first. You have to know happiness first. And then your body will easily respond to all that you do, and all that you don't do.

It's just the way it is.

And a very very simple mantra to put in place all day everyday for yourself is this: I AM ENOUGH. 

Say it a thousand times, put it on your mirror, remember it anytime you are feeling bad. Say it until you can yell it, own it and know it to your core. Because you are enough.

What is the lesson you need to learn so that you can be free of any health or body conditions?

I'd love to hear from you.