99% of kids under 2 are eating more sugar per day than adults should have - are you in the 1% or the 99? PLUS Dalton and I make another TV appearance to discuss!


Are you in the 1% or the 99?


New study out in USA Today:


  • 85% of all infants and toddlers consumed added sugar on a given day.
  • Just over 60% of babies age 6 to 11 months old consume added sugar on average of just under 1 teaspoon a day
  • 98% of toddlers age 12 to 18 months consumed added sugar of 5.5 teaspoons a day 
  • And by the ages of 19 to 23 months, 99% of children consume an average of more than 7 teaspoons of added sugar a day.


WAIT WHAT?? That means like everyone but Dalton and a few other kids I know whose moms are ON THIS are eating WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR. And you might say, oh well kids are kids. STOP it. This is a serious issue. What YOU EAT and what you feed your kids is determining right now the way your body supports you or not.


You're making it easy or hard for your body to feel good. It's that simple.


The government does not have guidelines for daily recommended limits for added sugar for children under the age of two. But for children ages 2 to 19 and adult women the suggested limit is 6 teaspoons or less. For adult men, the limit is 9 teaspoons or less of added sugar per day. 

Dalton and I were on TV last night to talk about this study and what parents need to know. They asked me, what IS the recommended sugar intake for toddlers?

sugar free kids snacks


Toddlers just like adult humans do not NEED any sugar. Like zero. Like none. We need healthy carbs aka your friends fruits and veggies :) We need to get real about this. Starting babies and kids out on fake foods is THE REASON that inflammation and diseases and health issues start. What you eat is everything. Feeding a toddler is the same as feeding yourself. Eat things your body can USE. it cannot use sugar for your good or WELLNESS. .

It’s very simple. Eat REAL FOODS 🍓🍇🍉🍏🍌🍋 .

What are you feeding your littles right now?


Do you know how to cut added sugars down? It's not that hard when you know a few tricks. Watch this video I just made about how to stay in the 1% (and grow this number) and keep your kids and your food easily sugar free.


And stay tuned! I'm opening up a new program: Food REBEL EATS soon! Everything you need to know about living a plant based lifestyle, so you can certain that you and your family are getting the right foods, right ingredients and healthiest options available. You'll know what to do with food, how to set up your daily meals and snacks and what to include in them.


Here's the homework I give in the video:

Go through your NORMAL day (and your kids too) and read your labels, add up ALL of the grams of ADDED SUGARS making sure to look at serving sizes if you eat more than the package description and see how many grams you are getting day to day.


Are you over 6 grams? How many are your kids at?

Decide where you can make the BIGGEST IMPACT in your daily routine and change it TODAY.

Sugar has no purpose other than to make you addicted, gain weight and feel bad.


See what you find and if you need help, come and join my private FB group, Food Rebels and I'm happy to help you find substitutions!

Jodi :)


PS: Watch the TV segment here!