How to Really Clean your Fruit & Veggies!

It's super hard these days to get really truly whole food that is clean on the inside and out. Just this week I signed a petition to prevent the genetic modification of apples! Apples! Geez - what is next? And do you want to know why they are proposing to make GMO apples? So that they don't turn brown. That is completely ridiculous, let's all just spritz some lemon juice on them and call it a day! These "Arctic Apples" as they would be called are primarily set to be sold in the fresh sliced market but could potentially end up in other products such as juices, applesauce, baby foods, etc. Read all the details and sign the petition to tell the US Department of Agriculture you don't want genetically modified apples here. These products would NOT be required to be labeled so you would end up eating spotless pretty looking apples that are untested on human digestion.

Now back to cleaning our produce for now! My sister introduced me to Norwex products a year or so ago and it's what we use to clean in the studio and in our homes. One of my favorite things they make is the furit and veggie cloth. There's a rough side for scrubbing and smooth side with antibacterial properties for polishing. It's perfect for home or if you are traveling! This cloth will take off that waxy debris from chemicals. If you aren't buying everything organic, use this cloth to get rid of chemicals and pesticides on the surface of your food. And hopefully we won't have to worry about the insides either. Find this cloth and many other great products for you and your family - great stocking stuffer idea as well!

Let me know how you keep your food and home clean and chemical free!