Is your health holding back your fertility?


I had to share this picture of Dalton with you today! If you know my story you know that I went through over 8 years of infertility treatments and finally have my baby boy :) Worth every minute of the wait - but I don't want you to have to go ANYWHERE near what I went through to get your own baby!


And you don't have to, if babies are on your brain and you have some health struggles going on, you need to address those first and then focus on fertility. In fact, your other health conditions will keep you from easily getting pregnant.

Did you know your body has a strong internal knowing and it will actually keep you from ovulating when certain endocrine systems are not strong enough? It's true. Here's something that is unknown in the fertility world. If you have issues getting pregnant you need to look at your adrenals.

It takes SO MUCH effort to deliver a little baby that if your body is weak or struggling with adrenal issues specifically (or related issues like thyroid disease, digestion, and anything that weakens your immune system) it will KEEP YOU from getting pregnant because it knows you wouldn't survive the labor and delivery.

Here's a few tips for strengthening the adrenals:

  • Eat snacks every 1 - 1 1/2 hours
  • Combine foods like celery and dates or romaine lettuce and mangoes
  • Eat wild blueberries


And finally support all your other systems so that your body helps you get pregnant easily. Check out my new group program The Pure Path if you are set on getting your health in check for wherever that may lead you. Food sensitivities are the first layer, but there's so much more....


Kim PerryComment