Mint Blueberry Spritzers - a delicious healing mocktail!

blueberry spritzer.jpeg

The things I make on random afternoons...who wants or needs coffee, energy drinks or pop? (or is it soda? I'm from the midwest so we call it pop :)


It literally takes seconds to make this uber healthy spritzer and is perfect post lunch, for something slightly sweet, hydrating and actually very very healing. The blueberries provide the major health bang and the mint is cooling, refreshing and very calming for your gut.



  • 1/2 cup frozen wild blueberries (remember to get WILD always)
  • Fresh mint leaves (extra for the finish!)
  • Coconut water (no sugar, fillers or crap)
  • Ice
  • Pelligrino
  • Stevia



  1. To your blender add the blueberries (frozen), a few ice cubes, 2 cups coconut water and a few sprigs of fresh mint. Blend.
  2. Taste and then add a few drops of organic liquid stevia to sweeten to your liking and garnish with fresh mint.
  3. To make fizzy, add a little Pelligrino or Perrier


I actually bought these pink glasses from CB2 for a baby shower I hosted, and they come in perfect for dinner parties, or girls night too!