I couldn't have him because I couldn't IMAGINE HIM

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I couldn't have him because I couldn't IMAGINE him.

Not what he looked like or if he was even a boy or a girl.

I couldn't SEE myself as a mom, with a baby, let alone a toddler who gets into plants and EATS DIRT.

I was so afraid that it would be HARD, DIFFICULT, SCARY, that I wouldn't know what to do, that I wouldn't like being a mom, playing on the floor with toys...all kinds of fears.

But my fear of the unknown kept away my most miraculous miracle.

Before I could have a baby I had to see my fears, work through them, reframe them and see MYSELF in a new way.

I had to challenge the lessons and beliefs I had taken on unknowingly to allow me to go from the fun aunt to the fun mom.

I had to release my expectations and decide I was capable, and that LOVE would show me what to do, how to be, who I really am.

I had to stop trying to figure it all out and work with a higher power than myself.

If you can't have a baby, ask yourself:

What am I really afraid of?
Why don't I want to have a baby?
Why don't I want to have a baby now?
What's holding me back?
What's keeping me from seeing myself with my baby?

And know that FEAR is not enough to keep your baby away when you decide who's the boss of it.

And remember that LOVE is the highest power of all and your baby will teach you about love in a way you never could have imagined in the absolutely best way possible.

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Photo by Theresa Schumacher photography