How to create FOOD FLOW in your morning routine

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There are so many rituals and trends and ideas about what a morning routine IS and needs to BE but I’m going to share with you guys what I do, and WHY. I never suggest that there is only one way, and in fact, the more I learn about human design, it’s literally in some of your DNA to do the same thing over and over and for others 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️I’m a Manifesting Generator which means I jump around with all kinds of ideas on and about ALL things including food (but all within the realm of healthy), for others, you need VARIETY.

But my intention with everything I teach is for you to understand WHY certain foods, supplements, ideas might work or not work for you. It’s about understanding how foods and ingredients work within your body which already has it’s own way of processing them. That isn’t going to change. We all digest food. We all eliminate toxins, we all need and use energy, so it’s about getting how that fits together.

Oh - and i”m going to let this blog be Part 1, the physical, practical side of my morning routine and then I’ll do Part 2 for the energetic and spiritual side next!

  1. The first thing I do is reach for my liter size BKR water bottle which I always keep by my bedside and drink as much as I can right away. You are dehydrated overnight because think about it, you haven’t drank anything. And all the while you are sleeping and not drinking, your body is doing major WORK for you, your liver kicks in early in the morning to start eliminating toxins and is PRIMED early in the morning to fully eliminate this stuff BUT YOU have to be a cooperative component, meaning YOU need to get that it is your job to drink this purified water ASAP right when you get up so that your body can flush all that crap out. OTHERWISE and this is very important, it will stay inside you and recirculate and then you wonder why you aren’t making progress with your health, with lowering inflammation or even weight loss (because toxins are stored in fat cells so if they have to stay inside you, they will be in the fat).

    1. Drink at least 16 oz of water, yes lemon or lime in it is good but even just water and you will be winning at life. 😊😊

  2. Supplements. I can’t and won’t tell you what to take, I will only guide you on things like this if and when you are my client because it’s all SO SPECIFIC and particular to all the intricacies that are you. AND please get this. Don’t even worry about supplements UNTIL you have mastered a healthy plant based diet. That is your job. Not buying and taking a bunch of pills or dropperfuls of things. My priorities with supplements are B vitamins, liver cleansing, soothing of my Central Nervous System and hormones. See how yours would be different? So in this time of the morning I take all this and with that comes lots more water, so it’s actually easy to drink close to a gallon a day when you think about it.

  3. ENERGY. So I fell in love with this grape flavor energy drink from Live Pure (formerly Genesis Pure) a few years ago and I still drink it during my morning workouts. AND this product has created a big desire in me to create a CLEANER product that does the same thing. I know it’s not perfect, but I don’t want to live in fear of one ingredient, I don’t have time for that and I know the power of my strong body and the even stronger power of the consciousness that flows through my body that is why I’m even alive. So I LIKE it and I drink it until I create my own product :)

  4. Then I workout, sweat, and if I have time and Dalton doesn’t bang the door down, I sit in my infrared sauna, highly recommend this as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  5. CELERY JUICE: it’s everywhere which is amazing. This has changed so many people’s lives. And I’ve seen it personally impact my sister and my clients. I do not do it everyday but it is a goal of mine or rather an intention to do it more often that not. WHY: all of this golden information came through Medical Medium Anthony Williams and it is the truth so let’s just clear that up right away. Your digestion works HARD for you. All day everyday. When we consume lots of protein (animal or otherwise but especially animal, fats (good or bad ones), have loads of stress, that causes your body’s natural levels of HCL (hydrochloric acid) to diminish and you need that sucker big time. TO BREAK DOWN YOUR FOODS. So the big thing celery juice does is BE a perfect match to the HCL that your body produces so that’s a win. It also helps the liver cleanse and purge, and therefore is a miracle worker for your skin. It is an herb not a vegetable and it does not count as breakfast. It’s a tonic. So why celery juice at this time of day? Because remember your body is PRIMED for it. Not only water but now you send down the pipes so celery juice to your empty stomach which now accepts and loves you for giving it more of its natural juices so now EVERYTHING YOU EAT ALL DAY LONG is easier to digest. This is good. And of course as you keep doing this energy builds, momentum gathers for more cleansing, purging, healing and better digestion. So basically do it. See my separate post all about the details of celery juice and how to do it for more details. 16 oz on an empty stomach. Also IMPORTANT: do not drink coffee before this. You’ll ruin everything. Just kidding, sort of.

  6. After celery tonic you have to wait at least 20 minutes to eat so you can properly reap the benefits of the digestive stimulation. Then I will have a smoothie, lots of fruit and my Four Sigmatic iced coffee latte. See that post here with all my magical ingredients. My smoothies usually are banana, blueberries, dragon fruit powder, ice, water, or something like spinach, banana, blueberries, frozen mangoes. FRUIT. is the point. But since I do my iced coffee as a smoothie more than a latte I usually have my banana in there and then eat lots of plain fruit because I just like the chewing of things. So I’ll eat apples, pears, berries and have them plain or in a chia bowl.

  7. And that’s my morning with food. If I get hungry before lunch I will eat more fruit. But usually because I workout first and the timing of the celery and waiting and such I eat pretty late in the morning (also a thing I do because my body is fine with fasting - not everyone’s is). And then I eat lunch around 12 - 2pm, just depends.

I’ll post more on my lunch routines too but this is a morning routine that works with the natural flow of the body. The timing matters. IF you wake up and pour in coffee, you are shunting cleansing, wasting the digestive energy you have freely given and just blowing it on hard to digest things. Acidic things. This is why the American habits of wake up drink coffee and then some kind of refined sugar cereal, bagel, toast, etc is literally NOTHING about what your body wants or needs. Sure you can do that stuff sometimes but if you want your body to give back to you better than you can even imagine, you learn to work with it’s natural resources.

NOTE: I don’t have health issues or problems so I can drink alkaline coffee. I can handle caffeine, some people CANNOT. All of this depends on where you are in your health process, what you want to make better, healthier, I will say doing all of this except maybe the coffee will work for everyone though. And my coffee alternative method is IMO the best and tastiest version of doing coffee. No chemicals sprayed (it’s organic), alkaline not acidic, plus adaptogens and herbs (they have decaf options too). So yes, big fan here. Remember my discount code is: FOODREBEL when you check out.

Eating fruit all morning works because it’s functional. It’s healthy glucose. It’s energy. It’s low fat, low protein which assists better digestion and liver cleansing. So it’s NOT WORK for the digestive system or liver AND fruit has healing powers, each kind has unique elements to each body part. But overall, just know fruit cleanse, heals and saturates your cells with healthy glucose.

What does your morning look like? Does this make sense to you? Let me know your questions or comments below!


MORE on how to create your own plant based food life in Fueled & Focused! Fueled & Focused course is open! This is how to eat a plant based diet. Everything you could want to know, on the practical pieces but also how to create a system for you and your family.

I know you know this matters and that you don't need a diet or a jumpstart. This isn't that. This is for your life.

For you if you know you want to be truly HEALTHY. Your motivation comes from there not fix me I need to lose weight.

By the way, you release unwanted weight when you stop focusing on it.

You release unwanted weight when you release the toxins inside that are not serving you but your body literally can't get rid of because it's not safe.

You have to free up space for healing, and detox and results.

Know that you're doing enough. Know that you're keeping your cells alive and joyful.

Know that your family is nourishing themselves.

And learn how to do this as simply as possible.

Even with busy schedules.
Even with school lunches.
Even with work and travel and trips.
Even with parties and holidays and girls nights and birthdays.

You can't wait to change your food until nothing is going on. Everything is always going on it's whether you are going to feel good for all the things in your life or not.

Learn, unlearn, relearn, relax about it, this is actually very very easy. And VERY VEERY "WORTH IT."