6 healthy frozen foods to keep on hand always...and some hummus

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Frozen Foods Buying Tips:

1. Always have lots of cauliflower. It's so functional. I just found out they make crackers out it! 
Pictured: 1 pound bag cauliflower florets; 10 oz bag cauliflower rice; cauliflower pizza crust

What to do with this:
>>Throw the florets in a pan in your oven on roast setting at 375F and cool, once it starts to thaw out, spray with olive oil and season with salt/pepper/herbs

>>Let the florets thaw, or steam frozen and blend with a non dairy milk (like coconut/flax but not vanilla just plain!), season with salt/pepper/oregano once steamed in a blender and make soup!

>>Steam the florets, mix with steamed potatoes and make vegan and healthy mashed potatoes (add in fresh parsley, you could do coconut butter/oil if you like, or again a non dairy milk)

>>RICE: in a deeper saute pan, spray the pan, medium heat, once warm, add entire bag, season with salt, garlic powder and splash with coconut aminos, serve with raw leafy greens (yesterday I made this by first sauteeing rainbow shredded carrots and then adding the rice


2. Frozen butternut squash: (coscto bag, 4 1 pound bags in 1 large bag)

>>Thaw in fridge, add to pan and roast with olive oil, turmeric, salt, pepper

>>throw straight into the pan/oven frozen, once thawed, season and put back in to finish cooking

I'm not kidding when I said I make this easy and simple

>>Roast with seasonings, or steam, then add them, again add to blender or use immersion blender and add a non dairy milk (flax/cashew/coconut/almond) mix, season to taste and serve, top with pepitas, more herbs, or even something like banana slices

>>Leftover squash: Makes a PERFECT spread in a wrap, like on a rice tortilla or a siete wrap or a gluten free sandwich, with turkey, greens, thinly sliced apples and avocado. YUM. You're welcome.

3. Frozen mushrooms: my cheat ahead for pizzas so I don't have to cut them and wipe off dirt. OR add in to soups, basically they don't saute well.

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4. HOPE brand hummus. Love these flavors so much, Kale Pesto is my FAVE and also usually sold out, who is buying this from me? Heath loves the spicy red pepper and thai curry flavor (not me too spicy I like it plain) but again use these in/as/on:

🥑To flavor a wrap/sandwich

🥑With organic chips/plantain chips

🥑Over noodles to make a pesto, plain OR mix into a red sauce or even an oil like olive or avocado

🥑Instead of avocado toast: kale pesto toast, etc

5. Cauliflower pizza crust: this brand is OK not my #1 but will do

>>Place in oven as it heats up
>>Let it brown/flip if you like
>>Take out, add tomato paste, and toppings like mushrooms, peppers, spinach, any protein you like (you can put turkey bacon on not cooked, or deli turkey meat, but don't put raw chicken or something like that on there. no way.
>>Or keep it vegan. so no cheese or vegan parmesean is what I like to do. Fresh cilantro or basil makes it even better.

6. Nada Moo for anytime any day, vegan ice cream, yum so good. I like to let it soften, add almond milk, swirl it together and add banana slices.

Try any or all of these and let me know how they work for you for healthy plant based short cuts!

THIS in so much detail and so much more here: