My morning routine July 2nd! A day in the life of a health coach

Hey guys!

Good morning! So I thought I'd start to chronicle a little bit more in detail of what I actually do when I'm in my health rhythm and flow to see if you can pick up any swaps or ideas that might make your life easier and healthier. 


So right now it's Monday morning and I've been up since about 5:30am. And here's what I have been up to so far:

WATER: I drink alkaline water from my Kangen water machine pH 9.5, a whole liter. I am currently using these supplements:

  • Live Pure liquid cleanse
  • DIM estrogen metabolizer
  • Red Clover
  • Cat's Claw
  • Methylated folate (but I take this later with food)


6am: meditate (actually I'm doing a daily reprogramming by Lacy Phillips, see her website here, Free and Native) but otherwise I'd be meditating.

6:30am: Sunlighten infrared sauna session (I turned it on to heat it up before I meditated) sat in here, then used coconut oil and my fascia blasters to move stuff out of my lymphatic system. SWEAT and then Dalton came to get me and wanted to slap more coconut oil on my face :) My little helper.

Smoothie/Coffee time (NOTE: this is not my breakfast, my actual breakfast will be another smoothie, or a chia bowl or sometimes veggies and turkey bacon or leftovers but I'm going to workout first)

Four Sigmatic Mocha Mushroom + Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane coffee. Both I brewed yesterday and chilled overnight (or just chill a little while if that's all you have if you want an ice coffee. I loved this mix! I added:

  • Vital Proteins marine collagen
  • A few drops organic liquid stevia
  • Ice
  • I was going to add fresh mint but I forgot - I LOVE MINT!)


mocha overflow.jpg overflowed, because I had more liquid in my cup than usual. This is what happens with the collagen and YAY because just imagine what it does IN your body to help rejuvenate your skin and hair and nails, PS that is why I use this, not because of leaky gut nor do I have leaky gut nor is that how you heal leaky gut (if you have leaky gut go take my Food Rebel course lol).


vital protein back label.jpg

This is completely delicious and I am a big fan of Four Sigmatic for all coffee lovers who want a healthy alternative. Remember that it's less acidic, so more alkaline, the caffeine is less, and there are no jitters or crash AND you get the benefit of the mushrooms and adaptogens based on the variety you choose. Use my code: FOODREBEL anytime you shop here to save an extra 10% :)

And now I'm off to get myself into the sun to walk or run depending on how I feel and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS first I put on my CounterSun by Beautycounter because duh it keeps me from getting brown spots (I'm working on my melasma right now using their awesome overnight peel) AND their sunscreen uses zinc as a mineral blocker, don't go using a sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun that is full of garbage chemicals and going straight into your skin and floating around and ending up making your liver slow down, K?

Get your Countersun HERE like for everyday of the year. It's my number 1 beauty tip after drinking clean water, lots of it and eating high nutrient dense foods - like plants!



bc sunscreen daily routine.jpg

Speaking of eating plants, you need to check out my new course, an ONLINE COOKING COURSE: Food Rebel EATS. 

I'm showing you all kinds of tips like these in a way that makes it easy for you to know what to buy, how to stock your kitchen and how to simple plant based meals together in FAST QUICK ways. I DO NOT MEAL PLAN and I don't think you have to either. 

So if you'd rather be at the pool or park or watching golf on a Sunday instead of cooking a bunch of chicken then go sign up now >>>>>> I want to know how to use more plants Jodi!!

Until next time, or after lunch at least...

Happy Monday!