Why isn't knowing this enough?

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If you've never experienced a health crisis, you are taking your body for granted. Maybe you don't even THINK you've experienced a 'crisis' but you are actually living in a shitty body and accepting low energy, feeling sluggish, feeling fat, feeling blah in your body and you think it's "normal." Or that you are getting older.


THAT is a crock of sh*t by the way. Either way, if you are feeling lack luster in vitality or you have a legitimate problem in your body maybe it's both and you don't know...then WHAT are you doing about it?


What I know for sure about health and the body: There are a TON of healing modalities, there are all kinds of methods and systems. You might resonate with reiki, with acupuncture, with chiropractic care, with herbs, with essential oils, with sunshine, with new moon rituals, with energy healing, with theta healing, meditation, funcitional medicine doctors, shamans, I mean I can keep going so do you see how you can be overwhelmed when it comes to finding your own path?


You can also totally see this another way though. That there are ALL of these options out there for you to navigate and let your soul guide you towards. And it will, it's why something "feels" like a good idea to you vs eww no way I am not sticking needles in my head or ears. Just an example and I have definitely stuck needles in my head, ears, stomach, fingers, and more.


But no matter which path you find, there is an underlying PILLAR that goes along with them all. And that is this: 


You have to clean up your diet. You have to know how to eat. You have to know how foods work for you and you have to change what you're eating CONSISTENTLY.


You see, when you finally 'get' that your body will not work long term and even now when you eat crappy processed foods, you will change. You will embrace the change and you will never go back. Anyone who disregards the need to eat fruits and vegetables is insane and has been brainwashed by the marketing of the food industry or is plain just afraid you are wrong and eating all the things that are literally causing inflammation in your body right this second.


I didn't know what I didn't know when I went through fertility treatments. And so when my body tanked and by tanked I mean, it got real mad at me, bloated stomach all day everyday. No matter what I ate, weight gain that would not leave. No energy, and probably the worst part, was the powerless feeling that overcame me, in no doubt also from the toxins and chemicals affecting my gut and brain. How could I go from running everyday nearly, loving my job, being super fit and high energy, happy, hopeful and loving life to depressed, sad, hateful, crying all the time and confused in a matter of weeks?

It's not right. Those kind of drugs were not meant for my body and do you know what pulled me out that situation? Well God yes did and then FOOD. Real, organic whole PLANT foods. Lean chicken breast didn't save me, gluten free crackers didn't save me, rice and oatmeal didn't save me, but these things did:


  • Green juices
  • Lots and lots of organic greens: spinach, kale, romaine, chard, arugula, dandelion
  • Herbal teas and tonics
  • LOTS of alkaline water
  • Herbs like parsley, cilantro, oregano
  • FRUIT not fruit fear, apples, mangoes, bananas, grapes, pears, no fruit was off limits
  • Cucumbers, celery, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers
  • Lemons, limes, grapefruits
  • Smoothies
  • Plant proteins


These things SAVED me because they pulled me out of my inflammation coma. That is what it felt like. Like I was drugged, well I was drugged by my own self but it was like a fog had covered me and my brain and my body. And the ONLY way that I could revitalize myself was to start with food. I had to feel a physical shift in order to keep making progress with my thoughts and beliefs and mindset. 


What sounds easier? Cleaning up the crap from your diet > feeling the physical lightness appear > and then having the mental space, and clarity to even want to take more actions like looking at your issues and doing something about them?


Trying to make yourself meditate, figure out what's wrong and still eating cheese, dairy, gluten, fried foods, breads, beer, and all the rest? Yeah, that is NOT going to happen. You will stay stuck and feeling like crap. Your body can't even give you access to a right mind under processed and preservative influence.


So, my question to you is:

IF you are not loving your state of health, whether it's losing weight, your gut is a wreck, you have NO energy, you have autoimmune stuff, or anything in between. WHY is it not ENOUGH to know that only real whole foods (mostly plants) work and will clear this up for you and then you can keep doing the rest of the things on your path, the other healers, or modalities? 


Why would you continue to put bad things in your body when you know they don't work and make you feel miserable?

Oh and one more thing, if you tell me you don't feel miserable and you eat all fried foods,

1. I don't and wont' ever believe you and you are lying to yourself.

2. It hasn't caught up with you YET but it will. It's science. Your body cannot run on anything but real foods.


When is it going to be enough? 

Food is not complicated. You don't need a diet. You need to eat from the earth. And this is my passion, to teach you how to eat, so that you heal, stay well, get well, thrive, excel, improve and find health and happiness.


This is what I'm teaching in Food Rebel EATS. If you don't know all about kale and dandelion greens and juicing and how to make smoothies and what plant proteins are best and how much meat to eat or if it's right for you or if you need grains or not or when or why and on and and on, then you NEED this course. 


However old you are, whatever you health is right now, when you implement this way of seeing, knowing and looking at food, you will improve. You will feel better, you will access new energy you didn't know you lost, you will feel lighter, your body will SIGH in relief that FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY you are giving it the good stuff.

Read about this program here and join me if you want to learn, and implement and start doing all the things day by day that will drastically change the course of your life and health.