My top tip for eating a higher concentration of a plant based diet!

My TOP TIP for eating a higher concentration of a plant based diet!

INFUSE plants into every meal.

But how?

It's in the simple actions that add up day after day. Now I can't even imagine eating a plate of food that lacks color and isn't mostly plants. Because I use these simple hacks to make it normal in all kinds of recipes.

Here are few of my favorites:


>>Use a lettuce wrap: Bibb/boston lettuce; romaine; swiss chard or anything you can get to bend! πŸ₯¬πŸ₯¬πŸ₯¬

>>Add at least 1 but really 2 extra veggies into the wrap
Sprouts, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, sliced bell peppers, green beans are my go-tos

>>Also! Avocado or a plant based dressing or hummus, pickles
then if you want a protein, grab that


>> Pick a plant based pasta: 
Chickpea, black bean, lentil, OR
Veggies: zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato, beet, kelp noodles, spaghetti squash

>> Tomato based sauces/marinara: homemade or store bought (just read the labels) you are getting MORE plants in the sauce also likely amazing benefits from garlic/onions/herbs πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…

>> Add GREENS 
No matter what it is, you can add fresh spinach or another light leafy green to the mix and it won't affect the flavor. Yay bonus veggies πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

>> Optional more veggies:
Other popular veggies I add often to pasta recipes include: peas, chopped broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, onions 

SOUPS πŸ΅πŸ΅πŸ΅

>>Broth based:
Pick a low sodium sugar free broth if not homemade

>>If making a 'creamy' soup use a non dairy milk (not vanilla flavored) coconut milk works really well in these or flax if you don't like the coconut flavor

>>Use the classic base: celery, carrots, onions, garlic: it makes everything taste better! πŸŒΆπŸ₯•

>>To boost a soup: drop in some frozen green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, whatever you have in the freezer

>>Add greens (again yes) if it's a broth based veggies soup, add some kale; if it's chicken noodle, add some spinach, if it's broccoli soup, add whatever it's green anyways! πŸ₯¬πŸ₯¬πŸ₯¬

You get the point I hope!

Everything can be made out of or added to with more plants and it will immensely contribute to the fuel your cells receive all through the day, which for you means:


Yay. Tell me what you're making for dinner and let me know if you need inspo on making it more plant based!

Jodi :)