My current veggie burger obsession!

veggie burger bite.JPG

I LOVE a good veggie burger. They’re so quick and easy to cook and make a meal out of. I use them for fast lunches when I’m home working too.

I just ordered a box of these from my last Costco delivery and they are GOOD. So a few notes about them, they are organic, and they do have organic wheat flour in them. Good thing, I can handle it :) Remember organic means non GMO and also no pesticides and crap. But if you have gut issues, WAIT until you are stronger in your digestion to eat these even though they seem pretty good on the label.

My favorite way to eat veggies burgers is to put them in my air fryer, before I had that I would simply heat a saute pan to medium heat and spray it with olive or avocado oil and then flip it. Add your favorite lettuce for wraps and it’s done!

When I feel like making it a little heartier I like using Mikey’s English Muffins (find them in the frozen section). Note, these are grain free but contain eggs. Here’s how I made my lunch:


  • Don Lee Farms Organic Superfoods Veggie Burger (from Costco!)

  • Bibb lettuce leaves

  • Dijon mustard

  • Stone ground mustard

  • Tomato slices

  • Pickles (organic no yellow food dye!)


Broccoli cooked in air fryer sprayed with avocado oil

Wholly guacamole

veggie burger lunch.JPG

See how easy that comes together? Just cook up whatever kind of veggies you have on hand as your side!

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