My top tips (that actually WORK) for allergy season

I have been SNEEZING like crazy this past week!

And if I have, I bet YOU have too, or you know people who are. This comes with the change in seasons (Thank GOD it’s not cold anymore) but can definitely be annoying to live with. I used to get summer allergies to the point where I’d have to sleep sitting up with a big box of Kleenex next to me and my red raw nose.

MOST of that has disappeared due to my diet changes which have massively cleared my liver, and allergies like this are a big sign that the liver needs some love. So as always, more plants, less meat, less fat for that.

And then beyond eating like that for LIFE, there are some things that will majorly help the sneezing and sniffling out.

#1 99.9% MSM sulfur

I have been taking this for years now and it has really helped me and so many with allergies. NOTE: I take this DAILY all year and use it as a bonus to clear allergens.

I take 1 tsp - 1 1/2 tsp every morning and when something like this is up and my eyes are itchy I will just take more as needed with the oils below too:

I mix the granules with water (warm is better) and shoot it down, it’s super bitter but worth it. You can also get capsules if that sounds easier to you. Mine is from Live Pure (formerly Genesis Pure) and if you want to order, you can use my code: US11100161 or try finding it at your health food store.

#2: Make the allergy bomb

Using the sulfur above (and take the sulfur alone daily too) mix it in water with 2 drops each: lavender oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil. I also sometimes mix it with organic lemon juice concentrate to boost the lemon and so it tastes better. Again not the best tasting but it will clear your nostrils almost instantly.

#3: Use the oils in a diffuser and/or on the bottoms of your feet in a carrier oil like coconut/olive/jojoba

Yes, children can use this too, you can reduce the sulfur dose to 1/2 tsp for most kids, and try mixing it in applesauce or their juice/smoothies.

And then overall, it’s also about cleaning up your whole diet. So you aren’t adding toxins to your body and liver that make life harder. Try walking/running/playing outside earlier in the day or later when the wind isn’t as strong and that helps too.

Also once you come inside, wash your clothes and hop in the bath/shower right away and get all the allergens out of your hair! (of course using non-toxic body products…like my beautycounter faves)

So try these out! It all works because it’s plants, minerals and they have amazing effects in the body!

I’m so excited to be launching a NEW program next week, called TRUST YOUR GUT!

It’s all about healing the gut the right way, with real foods, and not with a test or crazy elimination diet. So if you are currently:



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