Don't make food harder than it needs to be!

Sister Conversations:

My sister and I about 3 days ago decided it would be a really good idea to do the MM fruit and veggie cleanse. (she's done it by the way for her health a few years ago and it was ALIGNED for her to do so)

So this is us on Voxer Monday night:

Me: I think i have estrogen dominance. That's why i hold weight on my thighs.

Her: me too, we inherited bad livers. it's genetic.

Me: I'm ordering dong quai and nettle leaf tinctures (i take nettle leaf all the time anyways)

Her: I don't think i'm going to do that but I have more herbs from my acupuncturist, (who she's worked with a long time now) and I have too much dampness in my body

Me: I need more digestive fire

This went on and on until we decided yes we would do it and hold each other accountable. and as always at least for me, whenever I 'try' to do any diet other than my own, I hate it instantly and decide it makes zero sense.

So we just talked again. and conclusions:

**There is NO diet that is right for everyone,there are way too many factors.

**There's NO WAY you can really know what you are going to want or need to eat next Thursday like right now today.

>>Your body is always guiding you and and you can trust your cravings, even if they say eat a grass fed burger on a lettuce wrap, or have some fries, or have hummus or eat a raw salad

>>Plant based is enough.

Eating well. Eating whole foods. Eating nourishing foods.

You guys - even I get swept into the fixing mode or it can't be this simple and I can't actually just really like how I eat and that's it. No story.

But you can.

I have cleared all the cravings for foods that don't serve my body, and it's OK to have treats in life. That's so TRUE and NEEDED.

But overall I just don't want a domino's pizza (like I never want that)


There's how you eat.

And how you eat needs to make sense for you being a human and needing fuel.

It needs to be what makes sense for YOU right NOW in this body.

And it will ebb and flow with the details, not the pillars, but the details.


You'll never MAKE food work for you and force it to change.

You have to get this. You EXPECT it to change. 
Because you BELIEVE that you get to have what you want.
You do.
Your goals/desires/body shape you want is FOR YOU.

Food is an element, and a fun one, but the day in and day out work is to simply eat the food, get the groceries, order smartly, drink water and sweat, walk, move.


Is the mind game.
Believing in yourself over and over and over.
When you look in the mirror and it seems nothing has changed: BELIEVE anyways.

When your clothes don't fit the way you want when you are trying them on shopping: BELIEVE anyways.

When you are tired and wonder if you will ever have more energy: BELIEVE anyways.

When you eat something you wish you hadn't: BELIEVE anyways.

Be up for the real work.
The looking at the lies and stories you have been telling that are the real ROOT cause of health and body stuff.

Who's willing to do that work?

Soul Fed sessions are open to work with me 1:1! Want one of the spots?

Details here>>

It's a lot easier to bust up patterns with a voice of reason in your ear :)

Love you!