How I FINALLY broke up (all the way) with sugar and how you can too in less than 60 days, more like 30!

Sooo you like sugar?

Me too, and I used to UBER addicted. Not so much to cupcakes and cookies but cereal, pretzels, Wheat Thins and ice cream…and cool whip, lots and lots of cool whip.

And even though every day I told myself I wasn’t going to eat it in large doses that night…I still did until I was so FULL so BLOATED so STUFFED that that feeling would linger into the next morning and make me feel horrible to start all. over. again.

But now I am totally free. No sugar addiction, it’s more like I can’t even eat it very much, it’s too sweet. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 2.08.37 PM.png

I did a video earlier on the exact things I did to break up with sugar like for good for good. Watch it here!

I have run my 10 day sugar detoxes in the past and they are really fun and engaging but then what happens? Most people just go back to eating their regular ways, when I or anyone else isn’t holding them accountable to NOT do it.

So is it really helpful?

Yes because you get to experience what a body feels like free from processed sugars and one that feels light and healthy and just easy to see results from… BUT what I want for you is to be fully free of any food addiction and to not have to be ON a plan or ON a diet or ON meaning your mind is always thinking about what to eat and what not to eat.

It’s literally so draining to always think about food and what is right or wrong or better or worse OR to constantly judge what and how you eat. 

All of that has to go and for you to be FREE of a sugar addiction, or sugar cravings, or just eating things you know your body is better off not having that much of…this is what you have to do. You focus into eating on purpose. Eating for nourishment and letting your body do the work to heal, to flush, to transform to help you feel your very very best.

When you eat what your body actually WANTS and NEEDS you will have no room for a sugar addiction. AND you will be able to eat sugar without attachment to it. #yay

If you want to know how fuel yourself with food, to take care of your body in the best and most loving way, and to make your life EASY with creating a healthy diet that actually gets you results, then check out Fueled & Focused!

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The answers to:

>>Losing the weight that feels stuck or has crept on

>>Having more energy to do everything you want to do during the day AND exercise!

>>Eliminating cravings so you can trust yourself to eat what you like and want

>>Balancing hormones, getting off thyroid meds, less mood swings, less irritability

>>WAY better digestion so your stomach feels and IS flat

Is the same: it’s a plant based diet.

Nothing tricky. Nothing hard. Nothing fancy. Just you getting to know the REAL powerhouse foods that create all of this amazing change in your body for you.

Your only job is to eat them. And to do it consistently. 

I can’t wait to take this group through LIVE and help you become a naturally healthy plant based eater!

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