What I believe about food - new podcast inside!

what I believe about food.png

Pardon my voice on this podcast BUT I wanted to start getting out some more content to you guys and especially want to share more about my food philosophy, what inspires me, what motivates me, what has changed everything for me so you can hopefully hear about food in a new way or in a way that allows more ease around it in your lives.

While I get my ‘official’ podcast ready to go - I’ll be uploading my audios to my blog -

I have been on all different levels with food in my life. From not knowing a lick about it, to growing up in the midwest eating meat and potatoes and dessert every night, to abusing it because of emotions, to the ‘getting in shape’ and just weight loss mindset and the low fat craze to finally GETTING IT. To seeing the truth. And to seeing it have very powerful and life changing impact on MY body.

So listen away while you cook dinner or drive your car or go on a walk, and again I apologize for my raspy voice, I’m nearly all better!

Don’t forget!

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