Overnight oats (and chia seed) mason jars!

Overnight oats.jpg

One of the easiest breakfasts on the go or to make ahead:


And they don’t even have to be oats….or overnight.

Some of these I used oatmeal, some are buckwheat flakes, and some are just chia seeds so #grainfree. Mix and match your favorites!

  • Add oats to bottom of the jar
  • Cover with non-dairy milk
  • Layer in fruits (fresh or frozen) * Add dried fruit like dates or apricots
  • Nuts/seeds


These jars are:

Oranges, buckwheat flakes, almond milk, cacao powder, dates, chia and pumpkin seeds

Oats, mango, dates, chia, blueberry and almond milk

Buckwheat, apples, pears, almond milk, dates, walnuts and cinnamon

See how easy?

What’s your favorite fruit, seed or nut to add?


The chia I love, adore and use is Mila check it out here!