What happens if you UN-hook yourself from the dis-ease and body struggles you have now?

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I was in the middle of my workout and I heard my baby crying, he was supposed to be going down for his morning nap but he was really upset. He usually goes right to sleep but seemed disturbed and so while I cuddled and rocked him and soothed him to calm down all of these thoughts popped into my head to share with you.


Why do we make if so hard to heal? Or to get better or to let go of what is happening in our bodies? The 'things' that are driving you so crazy because one, it's your BODY and you don't leave it at home for the day and detach so you constantly feel your own pain or symptoms or dissatisfaction and two, take up so much of your brain space.


When you have such a bumpy road to healing and health you are NOT taking the easy path - which is absolutely, totally and immediately available to you right now. In each and every moment. It doesn't have to be hard and it's not meant to be hard because nothing is stopping you from what you want other than your own resistance to it.


All disease and health problems are from LACK. They are resistance in yourself and your body. Which means: That what is ACTUALLY TRUE is the complete opposite: ease, flow, vitality, nourishment, beauty, love for your body. 


I recently have found myself so annoyed at my own body, I am totally healthy, feel great, endless energy, healthy gut, healthy skin all the things, but: my legs are holding onto this weight that won't release EVEN though I am waaaay healthier than I ever have been. Eating organic, eating so many plants, hydrating with alkaline water, smoothies, green powdery things, herbs, cilantro, non toxic products galore.


But I am NOT looking for a magic diet fix to make my body change and release what it's holding onto. Because I know better. It's not anything about that. Because once you know how things work in the body and the organs and with food you just know. So what's left is what is most important. Your ENERGY on it. So I got real with myself. What is this really about? 


It's not lack of exercise, foods, too many the wrong ones, or any of that. It's actually been lingering for quite awhile and the reason is now clear to me. Something had to get my attention to see how this all fits together, how energy flows, how our beliefs fit into our health, how fear, love, attraction, the body, inflammation, disease, weight gain, weight loss all are intertwined. 

So I could learn the lesson.

So I can teach it to you.

Gabby Bernstein said in one of her live workshops last year when The Universe Has your Back was coming out: "To teach is to learn. When I teach I learn. I need this, I needed this." And after many months I got it. 


I can't be just eat this not that with you guys anymore. There is way more going on. So now. 


What happens if you UN-hook yourself from the dis-ease, condition and body struggles?


It's about seeing why you are holding it off. That's your resistance. Why do you want or feel safer in staying the way you are instead of letting it go? Why would I 'do' that to myself? Well don't beat yourself up nearly everyone is doing this on some level at some time. But look AHEAD of NOW.

What happens when you lose the weight?

What happens when you heal your digestion and have NO issues with food?

What happens when your skin is glowing and clear?


Yes the good stuff is easy to see ahead. But what else? What happens when THIS THING has nothing to ask of you, to require time and thoughts and attention from you? 

What will you be doing then?

And that's when I got my answer. 

It's moving forward, for me, doing what I really really really want to be doing. When I have that much more time to care less about doing all the exercises or thinking about cleansing or any of it. To talk about what I actually know you need, to put myself out there more and not be afraid of all that changes when I show up for myself and my BIG dreams. What will there be left to do?


Whatever. You. Want.

You can, you will be free to live your life in a brand new way. 

I don't talk about food sensitivity testing and eating such strict diets anymore because I don't want to. And because it hardly scratches the surface of you and your health and body. I care about your true transformation and healing and knowing: WHY did this happen for you in the first place? 

I know what I need to be doing. It's showing people how to use food to heal, cooking and cookbooks and videos AND talking about the spiritual side of health. How you attract this stuff into your life and body and have the same power to attract what you want instead. 

To teach about abundance in health, not to be afraid, never to accept a label or limit yourself or your life or your body. That is NOT a thing.

You can change ANYTHING. Believe me I HAVE.

  • I've lost over 30 pounds.
  • I've battled infertility and learned how it actually works to have a baby with ease.
  • I went from no cycles to consistent every month.
  • I purged my liver.
  • Healed my acne. Cleared my skin.
  • Found my energy.
  • Found my joy and happiness.


And in this process learned that what there IS to health is physical + spiritual + emotional and to get this the easy way without the bumps of making it so hard to lose weight, suffering and struggling for years with fatigue, bloating, digestion, skin issues to see that it isn't actually that hard. What if it was easy? What if it was simple? Then what would you do? 


And now what do YOU need to be ready for when you have no reason to hold yourself back because of ANYTHING about your body or your health.

This is how I developed my Food Rebel coaching program. I"m breaking it all down, what IS true about food and healing your health and body, and what else you need to know, see and be willing to look at and DO. (it's not a cleanse) :)

I know what you want. You want to look in the mirror and love what you see. To go shopping and have your biggest problem be how much money you are spending on all the clothes you fit in like a glove because EVERYTHING fits and looks good. To be excited for your hot date with your boyfriend or husband and to like being seen again.

If this is you, then you are a food rebel. Get your body and life back here.