Red White & Blue Fruit Kabobs!

fourth of july fruit kabobs.JPG

One more SUPER SUPER EASY recipe ideal for your 4th of July healthy picnics and parties!

There are no excuses for this one, you literally don’t need to know how to cook, just grab a good knife, a clean cutting board and go.

The only thing you need are some skewers, and it’s ok if they are wooden because you don’t need to grill these!


  • Bananas (ripe with just a few brown spots)

  • Black grapes (did you know black grapes are the most powerful of the colors of grapes??)

  • Strawberries (remember to find organic if you can because #dirtydozen)


  1. Slice bananas into 1 - 1 1/2 “ slices, don’t make them too thin they need to be a little sturdy.

  2. Wash your grapes

  3. Wash strawberries and cut horizontally so they are in rounds and fit the skewers in a shape similar to the bananas.

  4. Alternate the fruit so you have red, white and blue (well black but you get it)! I put the skewer straight through the place on the grapes where they were attached to the stems.

fruit kabobs fourth of july.JPG

That is literally it! Make them shortly before serving so the bananas don’t brown. You can also squeeze some lemon juice on them to keep them brighter longer!

Happy 4th!

Jodi :)

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