The Lesson In Dalton

jodi heath dalton first pic.JPG

Hi friend,

Today I had the nudge to share this with you. I hope it resonates.

The lesson in Dalton:

I took on a label, I let myself be not enough. They told me I was broken and I needed major intervention but I didn’t. It felt bad the whole time. There is nothing fun and exciting about going to an IVF appointment. You don’t walk with pep in your step as my grandpa used to say into the reproductive endocrinologist’s office. It sucks. It just sucks all around.

You let yourself be poked and prodded and become a lab rat. Why did they need to do all those tests to ‘figure out what’s wrong with me’?

Stop letting them test and poke you. 👀 👀

Or stop looking for what's wrong with yourself. 👀 👀

You are enough now. 💗💗💗💗

You have everything inside of you to heal or to lose the weight or change your body.

I did. I just didn’t know it. All I used to want was to know what was wrong with me. To find the answers (like on Google) 🔍 📖 📗 or in a research journal somewhere. When the real healing was that I stopped believing this pattern of thinking.

I started to believe:

*I can be healthy
*I can be happy again
*I can have my body back
*I have so many things to love
*I know there is a way
*I know the answers will come
*I’m done doing it the hard way
*I know we will have a baby someday some way if God has one meant for us
*I don’t have to know how

3 days after I called and canceled our scheduled 5th embryo transfer I heard from a friend who told me about a mentor she was working with. This was my first unfolding along my path.

As soon as you give up the struggle the answers will come. One at a time until they snowball so fast that you are seeing a beautiful unfolding of everything you ever wanted for your health, your body and your life.

Trust. And know that you are well. ✨✨✨