The mindset of a healthy person - how you need to look at your body and health to SEE PHYSICAL CHANGES

Hey guys!

You know I’m super passionate about food and health but there is a bigger player to my OWN results and the results my clients get and have than simply what I am or was or what they are eating every single day.

You might have heard the saying you get in shape in the gym and you lose weight in the kitchen, fair statement, but above both of those things, or supplements, or treatments of any physical nature, there is THIS. THIS aspect of you that has to be on board in order for you to go from where you are right now in your body, no matter what physical state you’re in, or what you feel or look like, to what you REALLY want.

I’m the FIRST person to say, YES, I see you completely healthy and in your dream body. That dream body that does, feels and looks just as you imagine it in your mind or heart. And i DO hold space for my clients whether privately or in my group programs for that transformation. BUT, it really doesn’t matter what I do IF YOU are not ready to understand these things (that I discuss in this message below).

YOU are the one in charge. You are the one creating this. You are the one that has to stand up and say, health is MINE. Healing is mine. The body I want is mine. Perfect digestion, clear skin, the best toned body, it’s MINE. And I’m ready for it now.

So check it out let me know what you think, or what you heard that resonated with you and leave me a comment below.

And if you are ready to do this, to get your transformation to reclaim your health and body, then I’d love to have you in Trust Your Gut.

This is exactly what we’re working on this course, the mindset, the energy AND the physical aspects it takes to take your body from poor digestion (by the way it’s happening if you are constantly inflamed, bloated, feeling the feelings of lack of health) to a body that just clicks into place and runs the way it knows how to.

Details here but HURRY UP ALREADY!

What COULD you possibly be waiting for? If my message and my perspective resonates with you, well that’s why you’re here listening right now. Listen to your GUT (ps it will be so much easier to do when it’s running smoothly again) but even NOW you know what you need. Your higher self is calling you through your current health into more, into the healthier version of you.

The fist lesson was released TODAY! And I’m only keeping enrollment open a few more days!

This stuff is my life. I KNOW I am healthy, and I KNOW you can be too.

REMEMBER, Everything’s connected!