Here's how food heals

I have another blog called Is Food Love? And you can read that here if you want, AFTER you read this one of course!

Yes food is love, when you think of it this way, not as an emotional substitute.

Have you hear the saying, “Love is all there is”?

It’s true, everything here is energy, me, you, your chair, money, your breakfast…. and love is all there is, so everything is some degree of love.

When we think about food, and it’s vibrational nature, you want to to lean into foods that are high degrees of love, not lack. Foods that are close to love, are simply those that are pure, natural, authentic, of the Earth, non contaminated and real. Full Of LIFE.

In order to heal, and let food play it’s most healthy part of your healthy journey, then choose close to love. Choose foods that are most alive, that have healing capabilities within you when you eat them. All good, and no harm.

It’s really crazy, but I bet MOST humans on earth, especially in the US are consuming not real ingredients and fake foods nearly everyday, some, all day everyday.

Think about that.

Then it becomes a question of, well how much of that can my body take, before it can’t take it anymore?

I know that’s what happened with me. Years of eating and living a way that was ‘normal’ I didn’t on purpose think, oh good a Twinkie I’m clogging up my liver and giving my body ZERO nutrients when I eat this. No, I thought YUM a Twinkie, I love eating them when they’ve been in the freezer. Yes it’s true, I used to love frozen Twinkies.

Junk food, sugar, lack of nutrient dense veggies, pesticides, chemicals on my skin, in the air, all around me. It’s HOW PEOPLE LIVE - UNLESS YOU DON’T.

It’s sort of all or nothing, once your eyes open to this stuff, you can’t really be like, oh I get it, there are LITERAL CHEMICALS in and on my food, so I’m gonna eat healthier but oh yeah I’ll still use Tide detergent and Dial soap, and Mac lipstick.

No, you really can’t deny that this stuff is everywhere.

But back to food, how does it heal you? When you come from love, it’s the most powerful force in the Universe, so you want that to help your body regroup and come back to how it knows to be and function and feel good.

So you RETURN TO LOVE. (anyone else love Marianne Williamson?) with food, you RETURN TO LOVE.

You simply go back to real, go back to authentic and original. You cut out the crap and when you want to HEAL, you go all the way there.

Meaning, zero processed foods, zero contaminants, zero anything that isn’t pure food.

That is how you let your body have ease and start to work for you more again. It’s always working for you, but in a state of distress, which yes happens from a poor diet and eating chemicals and things we do or don’t know we’re doing, it also comes from STRESS and living with chronic negative and low vibration emotions.

Which typically are a tipping point that then become too much for the body to handle and they physical components just can’t take it anymore so >>>>>> symptoms. It’s this, and then stuff comes up for healing, because you are always being called forward into more and more, health included.

And THAT is a very good thing.

Your health is a blessing, no matter what state it’s in right now. You have to remember that you are right now being called to being healthier, to being all that you desire your body to be. And as far as food goes, it’s going back to natural and real - all the way.

this is how I teach and coach my clients. With the understanding of how foods work physically, emotionally and energetically and KNOWING that you are given health. It’s YOURS. It’s YOURS, you just have to move toward it with focus and intention. And of course, we use food to help us do that.

I’d LOVE to help you with healing your digestion and inflammation you have going on in your body, gut. My TRUST YOUR GUT course is open NOW, the first lesson dropped today, and it’s all about what foods in our world are NOT helping you achieve health with ease. They have got to go so you can fast track this.

My perspective on health is not just eat this and your body will do that, although it’s true that specific foods have specific and unique healing powers. so cool! But it’s seeing you as a whole. You are already well. You get to have it. You get to demand it. It’s about using all the energies available to us to come back to who you really are, and healing it all. AND understanding the role of food so that YOU ARE PREPARED to eat for your life. To navigate health and live in it. To stay in it. To be confident in it.

Check out the course here, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen for healing the gut, and it’s all encompassing. This course is open only a few more days -